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Web Player Not Working


Web Player Not Working

behind corporate firewall. 


original link didn't work. 


beta link did. 


now beta link doesn't work either. 


anyone else having troubles?


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Download flash or use a diffrent browser

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When I cleared the page's cookies it started working again

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How I fixed this problem:

1. Delete all SPOTIFY cookies.

2. Disable any adBlocker to all ** domain

3. Play any song

4. Enable adBlocker and enjoy!


Hope this helps. 


p.s. all this was made on Google Chrome




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What you did didn't work for me but i fixed it by connecting the App with the webplayer and it works fine now

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My friend's and mine Spotify Web Players just were not working on our school computers. I tried clearing all the cache and cookies and stuff (I have no clue what those mean I was just doing what other users were saying to do) and Web Player still wasn't working. I don't know about other users, but this is what was up with mine:

-When I opened the site the play bar at the bottom turned grey after a few seconds. I had managed to click the play button before it turned grey and it made no difference. 

-It says music had been recently played but the bar remained grey?? I didn't get it either.

-Clearing cache and cookies and reloading the page wasn't doing anything.

BUT, I think I found the solution. (or at least what worked for mine)

1.) Still clear all your cache and cookies, that might do something.

2.) Open a playlist and reload. Before the bar turns grey, double click on a song.

3.) Something should pop up that says, "Oops, something went wrong. Reload?" Click "Reload".

4.) It should work just fine now! Just double click a song and enjoy your music!

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Why is Spotify web not working beacuse you **bleep**ing poeple dont have it on google no more.I had everything on spotify web player and you **bleep** holes just didnt think it was good.C'mon put it back! I work so hard on finding my own place to put my music.

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beyyyyyyyyy none work omfgggggg now i finna ruin yt rnn bey

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I found that the Spotify web player can get confused sometimes as to what device is playing what. This will lead it to not playing anything in the web player when you click play on a song until it figures out that the browser is where it should be playing. Usually this is fixable by clicking the device list (next to the volume controls) and then clicking on your web browser in the list.


Sometimes, however, it gets stuck. When this happens to me, clicking on the web browser does nothing (ad blocker off, even), and no songs will ever play. Here's what I did to fix it:


  1. Close the Spotify web player.
  2. Launch Spotify on another device like your phone.
  3. Play a song. It doesn't matter which.
  4. Open up the web player again.
  5. The currently-running Spotify app should pop up with a message saying Spotify is open on your web browser. Tell it to start playing the current song there.
  6. Close the app on your phone. The song should be playing on the Spotify web player. This should have "unstuck" Spotify and given you full control over the web player again.

This worked for me with the specific problem I was facing, but I'm willing to bet that there is more than one reason why songs stop playing on Spotify. 

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Thanks man<3 worked for me

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This issue should now be fixed. Use the beta link (i.e, http=1) to log-into the Web Player and you should be able to access it.





maybe if you've given us the full link we can try instead of just saying " http=1" where do i put this in the front in the back in the middle with "/" without / where? 

so, an update. i think there are a LOT of problems with this player (unless it is just my machine). 


songs skip, playlists just won't play, the wrong song will play, the web player gets hung up with the spinning dots in the center unable to do anything. 


this has happened multiple times. i love the service, and i pay for it, but the web player needs some massive work imho. 



Can you give your browser name and version? Also, could you specify the playlists or contexts where these issues happen so we can investigate them?





i am using Google Chrome version 41.0.2272.89 m


basically, i will log in and try to access my playlists via "My Music" and none of them will play OR they will play the playlist i was listening to the last time i was using the service, not the one i selected. doesn't matter what playlist, it happens to all of them. 


i also just got an ERROR: PLAYLIST FAILED TO LOAD message, upon hitting reload, i again just geting the spinning dots. 


i have the same issue, spotify just stays in a black screen i've cleaned cache, cookies, restarted my computer restarted my browser many times, i've also checked if the country is ok and it is. still not working nothing is working that to me speaks that it's form spotify's server not from us. so please fix this issue because all of my music is in spotify this now prevents me form listening to my music. if this issue overgoes 3-4 days im going to reconsider to download all the music i remember i have there and listen it fomr my computer you just lose 1 spotify loyal user

going into My Music, I can access Playlists but then I go to songs, albums, artists and I am met with a blank screen...



Can you check whether you could connect with this link?





Hello njfastlife - I get the same blank screen as you from "Your Music" when browsing by album. This bug is fairly recent (last 2 or 3 weeks perhaps) and makes browsing very tricky.


I started a thread on it here, but there are no fixes as yet as far as I know:


I have tried accessing the web player with the "http=1" link from another thread, but this didn't help.



mark, no that link does not play music as i am behind a corp. firewall and it doesn't appear to be able to navigate around that. 


furthermore, when i bookmark the beta link that is supposed to play through the firewall, it brings me to the old player that is blocked. 

I can only use the spotify web player if I enter it from in private navigation. I think they should have already fixed it, but they haven't... 

Hi Guys,


The link Mark gave works for me. I am using it behind corporate firewall and proxy. I logged in here first - and then I click this link -


P.S. Using mozilla firefox 40.0.3


Hope it helps.



This link worked for me.


 I can now hear the music and go through my lists. Is there a reason that this link works but my old link to the web player/the link from the website doesn't work? Just curious as to what makes this link work and nothing else. 




That link works for me also. I'm on a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10. I get "Can't connect..." with the never ending pinwheel on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. (EDIT: I should also add that I've cleared cache, restarted, and made sure Windows is up to date.) The desktop app is also blank. It started about 3 days ago.  I guess I'll use the above link for now, but if someone knows why it works and the usual link doesn't, maybe they could get to the bottom of the issue.

this link works for me to (finally!). thank you for that.

the only thing i'm noticing is certain icons are not displaying as they normally would (ex. thumbs up/down, skip track, etc.). anyone else notice that too? Or is there something i need to do on my end to get those back?

thanks again

Hi Mark,


I'm having the same problem here, my Spotify web player page won't loading also.

It says that "Please install Adobe Flash" while I already did and before this it was fine.




Btw, I already tried your link below it doesnt work too.



The links that you people gave does not work for me. I am using Acer running on the new updated Windows. When I want to open the Web Player on my desktop( I am using Microsift Edge), I can't see anything on the screen when it shows that is loaded already. I have tried refreshing the page, refreshing my desktop and restarting my desktop. But they don't work... I dont like the app when i download it as it has too much ads. Can someone pls help me?

Why is the Spotify Web Player is not working? It seems it is still using Flash which is already outdated. Why not switch to HTML 5 player? 


Don't ask me to install the Spotify desktop app. I want quick access via browser especially if I am using a computer that is not my own. Installation is not an option. I hate setups.

I cant get onto the spotify web player, ive tried everything that ppl have sugested on the replys, but it wont work!

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