[Web Player] Shuffle function not randomizing properly

[Web Player] Shuffle function not randomizing properly

The shuffle function while listening on a playlist on the web player is not working as it should. I have a playlist with about 400 songs and whenever I'm listening to it, with shuffle turned on, it will randomly select a song in the first 100 or so songs. The remaining 300 songs are never played.
If I let the playlist autoplay it will never play a song from the later part of the playlist, but if I manualy click 'Next' it sometimes (though still a very high chance to be on of the first 100) get to a later song.
It seems like a very trivial problem to get a random number between 1 and the playlist length, but I guess somehow, someone messed it up? Is there any way to fix it?

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I'm also getting this. On a playlist with about 800 songs, I started on one of the very last and turned shuffle on, and noticed that it would keep playing songs in the bottom hundred (maybe less, seemed like I was getting the same songs). Then if I select a song in the middle of the list it will play that one and afterwards play one of the songs from the bottom of the list it has already played.

The webplayer is tragic. I'm having the same problem.

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