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Dvsn presale code for San Diego, CA

Dvsn presale code for San Diego, CA

I didn’t receive a presale code for the DVSN concert in San Diego, CA. I emailed customer service and they did NOT respond with a specific answer but I received a generic email that said use community and support site. Can anyone help please? I have never used Spotify’s presale codes before. I follow the artist. I don’t understand why they didn’t send me a code.

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I had the same issue. And I checked that d.v.s.n. is my most listened-to artist. I don't know what else to do. 😞

They contacted me immediately after the post but to no avail. They’re telling me to contact “merchandiser responsible” and “first fans” who are the artist’s biggest Spotify fans get the presale codes. I emailed them back and forth and CS still say it’s out of their control to give me a code. Good luck on the GA sale!

Way to go at it. Yeah I kept reading the rules for being the biggest fan... unclear thus they can say whatever. Good luck to you too! I was out of the country for SF’s Sept 5th stop. I can’t miss this one!!

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