Web Player layout keeps changing

Web Player layout keeps changing

Up until just the other day, the layout was always like this, with the controls on the right, but recently it changed and now looks like this with the controls on the bottom most of the time. Sometimes though it will switch back to the old format for some reason. Honestly, if it's at all possible I'd like it to just stay as the old format since I absolutely hate the new one because the taskbar gets in the way and everything feels more squished.

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Totally agree. Not only the web-player,  all spotify players seem like a huge inconsistent mess. Buttons are constantly moving and never there where you expect them to be. 

I strongly suggest the developers to have a good look at the google music player, thats what I call a clean, modern, simple consistent design.


Agree! Why is the layout different between the downloaded desktop app and the web player? Just to hit pause, my eyes end up bouncing all over my screen. The UX needs improvement: more design consistency across devices. Perhaps Steve Krug's "Don't Make Me Think" could be circulated throughout Spotify's design circle.

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