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Web Player stuck in Spanish

Web Player stuck in Spanish

About 3 weeks ago, I switched my Spotify language to Spanish from English on the desktop app on my main computer. I switched it back a few days later, once again on my main computer. Lo and behold, the web player on my Chromebook will not go back to English. I've been reading threads for the past 30 minutes and I've tried (On an Asus Chromebook):

1. Clearing every cookie related to Spotify

2. Clearing all my cache 

3. Making sure my preferred and only language on Chrome is English

4. Looking for a locale cookie that is not there (after the clearing of the cookies but also after i went on the website again, logged in, and played multiple songs)

5. Logging into via incognito mode

6. Making sure my language is set to English on Spotify

7. Allowing Spotify access to my location

8. Making sure my time zone was set to US 

9. Unblocking any cookies related to spotify (none were blocked)

10. Going to the English specific site (didn't load) (something like that).

11. I deleted my saved passwords for the site and now there is a 504 Gateway Time-out message when I try to access the site, although I don't know if these are related.

None of these worked to change the language to English and currently the site is giving me a 504 error so I can't try anything else at the moment. Any ideas as to what has happened and how to fix this?

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