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[Web] Volume Slider Bug

[Web] Volume Slider Bug






Desktop PC

Operating System

Windows 10, latest version of chrome browser


My Question or Issue

Volume will go down unintentionally when resizing window while volume slider is active. 


To reproduce:

1) start playback in web player with browser maximized

2) click in the volume slider to make it "active" (green bar with white dot at current setting)

3) after releasing mouse button, volume slider remains active

4) use win key + left arrow or win key + right arrow to resize window to half screen

when win key + left arrow is used, the volume is reduced

when win key + right arrow is used, the volume is increased

using win key + up to go back to maximized window does not change the volume


expected outcome:

volume remains the same regardless of window size


1 Reply

It looks like this was fixed by changing the volume control from Win arrow to ctrl arrow.

Now this happens when using the CTRL-WIN left or right arrow keys to switch between virtual desktops.

This would be fine if recognized and did not work when additional keys are pressed. As it currently is, it's mildly annoying.

FWIW, Shift-arrow doesn't do anything (useful) when spotify web player is the focused browser window. Maybe use that for volume control?

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