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Web browser and desktop app not working

Web browser and desktop app not working

So, I've only had this problem since yesterday but it's infuriating.

Songs will not play on web browser or the desktop app, on the browser the song will simply stay at 0:00 and not move, and on the desktop app every song I try to play will cause a blue box saying something along the lines of "We can't play this song right now" to pop up.

I am a free user and I use spotify on a total of 4 devices, my dell laptop running windows 7 (The device I'm having issues on.), my acer android tablet, my PS4, and a second latop which is also dell and running windows 7.

I have attempted a lot of fixes on the desktop app (None of which worked), but hence the inability for the web browser version to work it and the fact it works on all other devices I think the issue is with my computer. (I have tried turning it off and on again.)

I have absolutely zero clue as to what could be causing this, so any and all suggestions are appreciate regardless of how obvious or advanced they are.

If you need any more information I will happily give it.

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Hi, I may have had the same problem as you (for me Chrome/FireFox/Opera not working, but Edge was working). I was able to fix the problem by following @thepest solution here:


It's as if the browser/web player is, for lack of a better term, "stuck". With the web player open, I played music with the Spotify app on my phone, clicked Devices Available on the bottom of the app, and then switched it to Spotify Web Player. The browser/web player started playing like normal again, as if it got "unstuck". If it's indeed the same problem, worst case you might need to fiddle with different devices playing back to the web player (and vice versa, also might need to close and reopen web player) to get it working again.

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