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Why can't I now see my playlist lists sorted on the left in the web player? This worked well a few days ago


I used this feature a lot in order to sort my Playlists by going up or down


Please help




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Mine works pretty well. Have you tried a different browser?

Or you can also try clearing cache and cookies.

Hope it helps!




Thanks for your answer


Tried on Chrome, Firefox and Edge (it seems Internet Explorer is not compatible with the Web player). Please take a look at the attached image


Clearing cache and cookies (and historial and etc.) don`t works


Hoping someone can help me




You can see the list of the supported browsers here: https://support.spotify.com/ph/using_spotify/the_basics/webplayer/




Thanks for your answer, but I don't understand what it brings. As I said in my previous reply, the same problem occurs in Chrome, Firefox and Edge




A little more information:


- This problem has arisen without having modified my lists. In other words, a few days ago it worked without a problem and the next day it no longer worked without having modified my library
- I have been able to test this problem on two different computers and exactly the same thing happens
- I've been able to try 3 different Spotify accounts and with 2 of them I have the same problem but with a third one it works well! It's an account that has a library with the same volume as the other 2, but it works


I don't know if this can help solve the problem




Oh yeah. I thought its the opposite. I'm sorry.

Anyway, If you already tried different accounts, it might be account specific.

It will be best to contact support, then: https://support.spotify.com/us/contact-spotify-support/

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