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Web player in different language.

Web player in different language.

So open the web player today and the whole site was in Spanish, no idea how it got that way and how to revert it back to English. It was English on Friday but today completely in Spanish. Haven't check my phone app to see if it happen there as well but regardless I still need a way to fix it. Any suggestions? This is for the new 2017 re-designed web player, if that helps.

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Same issue for me. It is definitely NOT based on my IP address, because I'm in the United States, and my browser's locale is set to en-US. Only thing I can think of is that my surname USED to be a Spanish last name, but now it's changed to a Scottish surname.


Yes, I'm fluent in Spanish, but the discrepancy of some categories being in English and other in Spanish is driving my OCD insane. Please fix this! Going by your forums, it's a problem that Spotify has been aware of for YEARS, yet still hasn't been fixed!

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