Web player not compatible

Web player not compatible



I want to switch to Spotify, as I'm not satisfied with a concurrent site 🙂

I'm listening to music at work, but I just can't get Spotify to play.


At work, I'm on a Windows 7, I don't have admin rights, and it is not allowed to download .exe files or to plug any external drive.


I use a portable chrome, version 60.0.3112.78 and I get a message which is "not permitted" to write down in this community ??? (but basically, it doesn't work)

If I check on the compatibility page, it doesn't say which version of chrome is supported.

I have also firefox on the computer, but no control on the updates, and it's an old version (52.4.0)

I downloaded the latest chromium version, it doesn't work either.

I cannot download the player, because it's an executable file (can I find a zip file anywhere?).


Any solution? Because 90% of music I listen is at work, so if I can't get it to play I will have to find another compatible streaming site 😞




I just spent 30 mn filling captcha and trying to modify some "not permitted" sentence (don't even understand why)... that first post here to get help is really a nightmare

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