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Web player not working in Chrome

Web player not working in Chrome

The web player stopped working in Chrome for me today. Looks like Spotify are trying to load insecure content whilst on HTTPS so Chrome is blocking everything.

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The problem is plain and simple. Spotify sucks balls! Nothing works, and they don't seem to want to fix it. These problems have been going on for a while now. Who would want to pay for this crap? Sorry if I sound disgruntled but this is horrible. FIX THIS **bleep**!

Yeah they've downgraded the web player to an old version. Full of bugs, can't always play a song, playlists don't load and music stops playing.

It's still not fixed! 


If it affects this in anyway, I just downloaded Chrome, I'm a free user, and I am using the web player.


My issue is it says "Connecting to Spotify" and there is a spinning wheel underneath. This has been going on for a loooonng time. I've done all of the obvious things like clearing cookies, restarting, refreshing, redownloading Chrome, and everything. It's still not working.


There are so many bugs like when on a computer on which it works, whenever I click a playlist immediately, no songs in it load, the playlist cover doesn't load, and other playlists don't work either. I've learned to work around this by waiting 5 seconds and then clicking but it's still so annoying.

Another bug is after an ad finishes, it play a song, then it skips a song. Then it plays a song. Then it skips a song. This is so annoying when the song skipped is my favorite! Sometimes, it plays a song briefly and just when the beat is about to drop, an ad starts playing. Then it plays a random song and skips and plays like 2 ads in a row.

I also hate it when the scrubbing circle thing stops moving but the song keeps going.

And, it's a pain when it simply just stops playing in the middle of a song and I have to refresh. 

I hate how Spotify pre-picks a song for when I log in. It isn't even a song that I like! How do I change it?



how did u solve it?

Having issues as well. Web player loads, gives me the menu options but otherwise it's a black screen

Hi guys, I've also been round the houses with the Web Player not connecting properly. Thought my experiences may be of some help. AFAICT there seems to be two types of issue - client side and server side. Reason I say this is because in the past I've been able to get the webplayer loading/working correctly again by 1. clearing my browser cache/cookies, or opening it in a private window. That's annoying but at least it's resolvable by me. It's a quick easy win if it works. I don't think you need to go down the rabbit hole of computer specs/anti virus/browser version/ etc etc - that's just generic tech support rubbish. A private window will quickly tell you if it's client side resolvable or not.


Other times (such as today) I've been unable to get the webplayer to load/connect properly on several browsers/machines/combos of cleared caches, etc. This has been for a period of hours or even a couple of days. Today it's not been loading for the whole day and last night also. Suddenly though without changing anything I've tried again and the player suddenly connected/plays fine. This is then a server side issue. I've read before that sometimes accounts get into a state that cause an issue, or that spotify network/config problems cause a problem with clients connecting to good nodes/etc. Whatever the reason - if a private window doesn't work - chances are it seems to be on the side you can't do much about. HOWEVER - I have found a workaround for these times. The spotify API is open so some nice people build 2. alternative web players (maybe not quite as feature rich but they do the job) that connect to spotify and can be used in place of the default web player. An example can be found by googling something like "thirtify" or "alternative spotify web player". There are options to explore if you go down this path (including making your own branch/player). But the point is - even if web player isn't connecting for me - one of these alternatives will connect/play. Again proving it's an issue with spotify's own webplayer stuff and no fault of yours.


Anyway i hope that helps - with solutions to the two scenario's above you should hopefully be able to keeping listening to tunes while you work/chill 😃


mine is doing the same thing but it will not working at all

Screenshot 2017-03-22 at 4.37.29 PM.png

I have bookmarked:  

Sometimes it works right away.

Other times I furiously hit refresh until it opens.

Sometimes it never opens. never worked on my chromebook ASUS 301 (OS version 57). 

It always only shows the black screen with unresponsive icons on the left panel.

This is so frustrating. After posting the above instructions, I tried to recreate the scenario and I failed miserably. Besides the link posted earlier, this page also worked yesterday, and once today at 10 AM: bookmarked it. Closed my window. Opened it again. Now, when I click the link, it automatically redirects to: Changing the URL to the previously functioning does not help:

This Browse page doesn't work. It has a black background and no left pannel. If I click on any of the album images, I get redirected to the spotify favicon changes from black to green, and I get this useless black screen:[redacted]?play=true&[redacted]?play=true& can it be so random? What is going on, Spotify?

As a paying client, I'd like to have a functioning product, please.

I contacted @SpotifyCares on Twitter and they resolved my issue with me. My Spotify now works on my Chromebook. Yah! Thanks, @SpotifyCares!!!

Here is how to fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED In Chrome

Open Command Prompt in the administrator mode. You can do so by right clicking on the CMD program and then by clicking on the Run as administrator option as shown in the screenshot given below.

As next, type in or copy-paste the following commands one by one into the CMD. Don’t forget to hit enter after each command.

ipconfig /all

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /renew

netsh int ip set dns

netsh winsock reset

ipconfig /release

Once you are all done, restart your PC to get rid of the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error.


If only I knew how to fix it. I am also having same problem

This is happening.


my spotify wont work someone tell me how to fix it i turned my chromebook off while a song was going and spotify will turn on but then the song is at the botten and wont start or let me change songs ive reset it and got on different computers it just wont work


Screenshot 2018-01-12 at 10.51.32 AM.png

Hey @haydenhale


Have you tried toggling the Spotify Connect button on the left of the volume bar?

Select 'This web player'. If it doesn't work there, try selecting the web player in Spotify on another device, such as mobile.




That's quite odd!
There is a number of things that can cause this, such as some Firewall rules, internal network restrictions (especially in workplaces), entries in hosts file. The method suggested by jitu121 is a good thing to try.
I recommend checking your hosts file for any Spotify entries, use this as a guide.

Also, try restarting the router.


This webpage shows how to flush DNS on common operating systems.


Let me know hw it goes 🙂

SebastySpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

I opened the app on my phone and connected to "other devices" and once the queue played on my laptop, I went ahead and went to my playlist, no problems since.

If you're running some sort of ad blocker extension in Chrome (e.g. Adblock Plus or similar), try turning off ad blocking for (or similar URL when running Spotify Web Player in Chrome). This worked for me - or in other words, I had ad blocking turned on for the site before, and once I turned it off for the Spotify Web Player URL, I was again able to play music without any issues. I guess the ads displayed on the site are essential to Spotify's business model. 😉



I thought I'd try it again today to see if I could reproduce the error... and yes, to my great surprise, now - once again - it no longer works in Chrome, even with the ad blocker exception (ad blocker turned off / deactivated for It simply won't play any music.

And another strange thing now happens: When I try to refresh the web page (F5) after hitting the Play button, a new error message is displayed: 'Song is unavailable'. And that goes for every song/album, even (new) songs/albums that have just been added to Spotify...

also having problems in the web browser. or: first it wouldn´t play any music at all. now i get a glimpse of the spotify window for a second, and then all turns grey. no matter which spotify page i choose from history. unusable.

I was having the same problem. I went on the phone app and played a song, then I tapped "devices available" and chose the computer I was trying to play on. It went back and forth between my phone and computer once or twice but I was able to select to play it on the computer and now it's working. Hope this helps!

To be accurate, this thread only refers to the use of Spotify Web Player in
the (Windows or Apple) PC version of Chrome, and as such, not the use of
Spotify on other supported platforms, e.g. Android and/or iOS.

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