Web player not working

Web player not working

My web player crashed. 

It has been showing the same song on the "now playing" since last week. 

It doesn't play, I can't change it, I can't change to my music, radio, searches, playlists, etc.


I tried login out, I tried deleting the cookies, and no luck.



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Hi, Have you tried a different web browser or used the spotify desktop app? 

I am having the same exact issue. I usually use chrome but I have tried using other we browers. I cannot download the desktop app from my computer at work. It's kind of a bummer because I'm paying for spotify and I use it at work the most. I have been having this problem for about a week 

If it used to work with no issues you could try clearing your entire browser that it is locked in. I would do a full history/cache delete and possibly reinstall your browser to see if that helps at all. Good luck!

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