Webplayer showing wrong (old) track info

Webplayer showing wrong (old) track info


I'm a premium user, using web player due to corp. firewall not allowing me to use desktop app. 


The information of some tracks are getting stuck in the player display, the player goes on playing the following songs of the list but shows the old cover, title and artist.

Then, some tracks later, the player is updated with the actual track; intermittently.


Also, another issue is that some times it keeps the old song information and goes on playing (as before) but the play button is like when it is paused (it displays the triangle to play the song rather than the pause symbol, and pressing play doesn't have any effect). Passing to the next song refreshes the player and the correct information is shown. 


I'm using Spotify Web Player in Windows 7, with Chrome 55.0.2883.87.

I've already allowed [*.]spotify.com into chrome settings (flash option).


Also, Chrome Dev Tools is showing some notifications.

I attached the screenshot with warnings while playing tracks.

And also another screenshot showing warnings just after I loaded web player page.




warnings while playing tracks.jpg
warnings just after login.jpg
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Having the same exact issue, gets stuck on a previous song and doesnt change. Its really annoying. Also using Chrome on Windows 7

Is any Spotify moderator here? I'm still fighting this issue, and just found with the help of @bobbygllh that I'm not alone in this war.


Please, spotify collaborators, don't turn the blind eye here. 

Hey @ciberglo and @bobbygllh, thanks for coming to the Spotify Community!


Could I ask you to try to use the web player through another browser? Also, clearing your browser cache (https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/32050) may solve the issue.

Looking forward to your response 🙂


I tested both of your suggustions

1. Used firefox and the spotify web player doesnt appear to have the issues we are experiancing with Chrome


2. cleared browser chache / cookies / plug ins etc. and it didnt solve the problem, still experiancing what Ciberglo outlined in the original post


thanks for the help!


Awesome! Well, hopefully using another browser for the time being is fine, and if you'd prefer to use Chrome I'd suggest to check back in on it every week or so to see if any new updates are released for the web player that fix the issue.

Please let me know if you need anything else! Happy listening 🙂

Hey there.


Luke, indeed, firefox is working, and I think it's related to "facebook" being blocked in gogle chrome (only accessible using firefox).


That's also why, using firefox developer tools, I don't see "FB Errors" in console mode.


But, IMHO, "plugins" shouldn't interfere so drastically in the main flow of an application. I.e., shouldn't cause bugs and this may be a development issue.


Also, bear in mind that I haven't enabled any "facebook related" communications in my spotify profile, so this shouldn't interfere. 


May I wait for updated news?


PS: I tried clearing cache, clearing cookies, erasing all related data of spotify on Application Storage (developer tools), etc., but didn't work.




Absolutely, yes, I will try to keep up to date with Spotify's updates on the web player and post something here if/when I get any more news on the issue 🙂

Thank you in advance Luke.


Also, I'm listening right now using Chrome, and the bug persists.


BUT, I just found out that if I stay with the tab opened when the music is almost ending (almost switching to next track), and I "see" it changing track with the tab open, the bug is "fixed" (at least, it starts showing the current track again).


But it's momentarily. After I starting browsing in another tab, I see the bug returning when I look back at it some tracks later.

@ciberglo and @bobbygllh,


I went ahead and submitted this issue to Spotify's Ongoing Issues board, you can go vote for the post here so that you're notified of any updates!

Luke, thank you!


Already voted there. Hoping to have news soon.


Best regards.

@ciberglo @bobbygllh,

It appears there is an active Issue thread here: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Ongoing-Issues/Web-Player-playing-playlist-in-shuffle-when-changing...

Spotify staff members are working on collecting the information they need. If you could go help out there, that would be awesome!


Thanks for being so cooperative and helpful 🙂 Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this issue.

Luke, thank you for all your effort.


I'll keep following there. 


Best regards,

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