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Weird Problem with Volvo Sensus Connected Touch

Weird Problem with Volvo Sensus Connected Touch



I have spotify running on my Volvo via the Sensus Connected Touch.  No problems accessing and playing my playlists EXCEPT the Spotify "Discover Weekly" playlist.


The Discover Weekly playlist was working fine in my car all the while until a couple of months ago.  Now it says "Loading" as the label for that playlist item.  The playlist is still accessible on my phone / desktop though.


I tried to unfollow / follow the playlist but it didn't solve the problem.


Can someone please help me out here?  Desperate to get the Discover Weekly playlist working again in my car.

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Just some update on the Searching issue:


"Hi Miklos, 

Thank you for keeping us in the loop. 

We have alerted our developers to this issue and they are investigating the matter. 

We appreciate your feedback as it helps inform our decisions going forward, although please be aware we’re not able to confirm if or when your specific request will be addressed. 

We recommend installing the most recent version of the Spotify app to guarantee you’re rocking all the latest updates. Also, feel free to check out our Community where we keep everyone informed about new releases and any other announcements. You can also submit feedback and suggest new features there.

We're sorry for the trouble caused, be rest assured that we are looking into it. 

Best regards, 


Spotify support will be useless. Trust me. They wasted my time from 02/2017 - 10/2017 with trying one ridiculous "fix" after another before resorting to a form email telling me their "best engineers" were on it every time I asked for a follow-up.


The Sensus Connect Touch -- SCT -- Spotify app is built on LibSpotify, which Spotify no longer supports. There are other posts about this app losing the ability to load Spotify-curated playlists. It turns out that the SCT version of Spotify is built on LibSpotify. Parrot are allegedly working on an update but don't know when it will happen.


Here is their support group's contact info:


I've been communicating with Dmitri. Perhaps if y'all email them it will light a fire under them and get the ball rolling a little more quickly. Let us know!

Also, you can find Parrot's Support number by Googling "Parrot USA Support." It should be the first thing that comes up. The forum will not allow me to post that number here. Remember, Sensus Connected Touch is a legacy product. They will be able to find that. Be sure to tell them this issue has persisted for nearly a year and that the Spotify app is one they developed themselves using LibSpotify, which is no longer supported by Spotify itself.

Thank you for keeping up this topics with so big enhtusiasm...:-)


I have contacted Parrot support and thats why i came to Spotify:



Thank you for contacting Parrot.

Kindly note that the Spotify Application is not developed by Parrot.

Please contact the Spotify Developers from link below:

Best Regards,
Parrot Customer Service & Support"


Do you think he just did not know what he is talking about and this info is false?

Definitely this has to be fixed, SCT is legacy product does not mean that it should not work...

John doesn't know what he's talking about. Look who the developer is: Parrot SA.




This is from their own site on the apps available for SCT. He needs to talk to Dimitri R. I've attached my emails to them. Hope it helps? Maybe refer them to Case No.: 274582. It took a couple times on the phone with them to make them understand that this particular version is their baby, not Spotify's.

Dimitri R jsut got back to me:

Hi Tim,

Hope you are having a great day and happy new year.
Still no updates from the higher department in relation to the update sir.

I will keep you updated.


Best Regards,
Dimitri R
Parrot Customer Support



Volvo customer care now says they are working with Parrot on an update, but now I am completely unable to login to Parrot's app on the Sensus Connected Touch. It simply tells me that I need to have a premium accout, which I've got.


Is anyone else having this issue?

Yes, happen also to me yesterday. It says i need premium account, but i do have one and checked that all payments was okay etc.

I saw at the asteroid, volvo sensus app store that Spotify ist there anymore so dont try to reinstall the app or delite it. 

Little bit of the topic, Think Volvo (and Parrot) must be ashamed to this system. I meen Asteroids is Android but slimed one and they could have used the same. Today its about 5 apps at the app store of Volvo. I do understand that this isn´t top priority to Spotify.   

It happed me too..  But I was thinking that was because I got Spotify Family.

Is the anyone with Spotify Premium without family who can log in and use Spotify on Volvo SCT?

I am absolutely having the same issue...i can not log in.

May i ask who has confirmed to you that Parrot and Volvo are working on an update?

I would also contact them...More push hopefully sooner result..

I think the removal of Parrot's Spotify app from their Asteroid store might be a sign that they know it doesn't work and are working on a new version. Still, I'll follow-up here in a separate post with email addresses to Joseph at Volvo and Olympia at Parrot. However, I don't think this forum allows me to post such things. 

I think an easier way for y'all to follow-up may be to email me and I'll forward you everything pertinent to this conversation. You can start with my screenname (horntm) and email me through Gmail. I'd post the address, but, like I said, the forum will jsut block it.

OK, here's who I've been talking to.

Parrot - Olympia & Dmitri (Case # 274582):

Volvo - Joseph (ID #: 180220-000575):


You should probaly reference those issue ID numbers when contacting them so they can look up my issue/correspondence so they don't have to reinvent the wheel for you. The thing to remember is Parrot built their own version of the Spotify using LibSpotify, which has been deprecated by Spotify proper, which means it is no longer supported and cannot access the Spotify service. 



I really, really encourage you all to reach out to Parrot and Volvo. I can forward you my emails to them as well:

Parrot need to do something with the problem. Parrot Asteroid Smart dosen't work with Spotify too.



If any of you reach out to Volvo and Parrot, I'd love to hear about it. It usually takes about a day for them to circle back via email.

Certainly i will reach out to both of them...

Finally dead....Spotify completely discontinued their support to SCT. Ironically, my Volvo dealer called me yesterday suggesting me to buy a new Volvo to replace my 18 months car that I bought with a pretty expensive optional "entertainment center with Spotify". I'll cancel my Spotify Premium (Apple Music is getting there) and take Volvo cars out of my list of future brands.


Flaviorb, don't let it go. Please reach out to these people. Volvo Customer Care told me last week that they are working with Parrot on fixing this issue. Here's who I've been talking to along with my case numbers for you to reference so they don't start from square one:


Parrot - Olympia & Dmitri (Case # 274582):

Volvo - Joseph (ID #: 180220-000575):


I've aready posted this before, but please do reference those issue ID numbers when contacting them so they can look up my issue/correspondence so they don't have to reinvent the wheel for you. The thing to remember is Parrot built their own version of the Spotify using LibSpotify, which has been deprecated by Spotify proper, which means it is no longer supported and cannot access the Spotify service. This is their issue to fix, not Spotify's.

I have a Parrot Asteroid Tablet system, same issue. I'm worried that the issue is not so much to fix the library access, but more a commercial issue. Could it be that Spotify is blocking free (?) access to their service and is now forcing Parrot to pay them to use their service? Anyone?


It’s simple. Parrots Spotify is built on libSpotify which has been declared dead long time ago by Spotify. They need to update it using other apis etc.

Parrot is French? Not suprised.. Thanks

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