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Why can't I listen to The Koln Concert?

Why can't I listen to The Koln Concert?

Keith Jarret's "Koln Concert" is on Spotify (, but I cannot listen to it (because its songs do not have  a play button).- That's ok, but I would like to know the reason? Is it my region (Asutralia) or something else what causes this?

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Hello @halloleooo. Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community!


You're spot on that it can be your Account Country that affects what content is available to you, but it appears that won't matter in this case. Putting the Album's Spotify URI into the Album availability checker I've linked below shows red lights across the board unfortunately.


Spotify wants to have every song, album, and artist available for streaming all over the world. Sometimes, this isn't always possible though, due to licensing and song ownership differing around the world.

At this point I'd check back for them later as Spotify is always adding new tracks, albums, and artists everyday. You could also try getting in touch with Keith Jarrett on Twitter or his Facebook fan page, if he has one, to see if/when he plans on making the album available.


Let me know if you have any other questions, and keep on rockin'!

@kirashi, thanks for the link to the availability tracker - that’s cool!

However, my question extends on the line of the why?: What are the reasons why this album is not available anywhere?

Many thanks!

Glad you find the availability checker useful. 🙂 There could be a number of reasons the album is not available, but the most common is due to music licensing. It's up to the artist and their distribution partners to make tracks available through streaming music services like Spotify, Google Play Music, or iTunes Music.


However, there could be one other reason it's listed but unavailable worldwide: release dates. Occasionally, new albums will show up on Spotify (or someone will post a link to them elsewhere online) ahead of release date. When the official release date rolls around, the album or tracks would become playable from the same link. This allows users to save the album to an offline playlist in advance so it's ready to listen as soon as it's released.


I know you'd love to hear that the album is available, and I truly hope it becomes available soon. Otherwise, if this answers your question, feel free to press the "Accept as Solution" button, and keep checking back to see when the album becomes available.

I have been waiting for it for ages now, but FINALLY, the Koln Concert is now available on Spotify! Enjoy!!!

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