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Windows 8 phone - listen offline woes

Windows 8 phone - listen offline woes

Hi all


Here's my real odd and quite frustrating issue;


I only get the option to make 'Available offline' when I put spotify into offline mode!


So, when i want to make something available offline, i have to find in online, then go into offline mode, then go back to it, make it available offline, then go back online to let it synchronise!


What's that about? this can't be right, surely?


Up until yesterday I was using the app on an iphone where this worked perfectly, as per how it should as referenced here :!/article/Listen-offline


...but now i've switched to a Win 8 phone - and wishing I hadn't, because of this!


 Edit : for clarity, when the app is 'online' the green sider 'Available offline' does not appear.


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