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[Windows Phone] Logging in, premium, et cetera

[Windows Phone] Logging in, premium, et cetera

(I have windows 8 on my Nokia Lumia 800 with everything else fully functional)

So I've had spotify on my phone and worked for a few songs if I had internet connection and as time went by I stopped using it on the phone and only on my PC.(never premium though)  Now that I heard in a commercial that premium was for all kind of phones, so I thought... Reinstall the app and It should work...


The "new" spotify app cant even log in me 😛 It isnt something with device-passwords or anything because it doesnt say "wrong password"

it says "Login Fail: You need a premium account (409)".  So I cant log in, have free music nor enjoy it...

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Just to confirm do you have a premium account? 

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