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Windows Phone - Rant

Windows Phone - Rant

Hey everyone,


You pretty much know what this is about, pretty much like everyone else on the platform, I too, am sick of the unfair treatment the Windows Phone users face in comparison to this of the iOS/Android users. Your app is so basic that a 3rd party developer would be able to make a much better one and pretty much make fun of you. Not only it lacks tons of features, it's not even updated regularly.. 12th July, latest update.. Seriously?


And what's this about Spotify Mobile being free with ads? You emailed me TWICE about it but hey, free for all devices except for Windows Phones. We still need a premium account.. So tell me, why do you deserve my money, what do you think makes your service good for me, why did you release the app on WP in the first place if you're just going to abdandon it? Very disappointed with your service lately, looks like I'll be jumping to Xbox Music if nothing changes soon.

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I, too am disappointed by the lack of features on Spotify Mobile on WP but I don't use it as my main music streaming device, so it isn't much of a problem for me.

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