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Xbox One App - Toggle Off Surround Sound

Xbox One App - Toggle Off Surround Sound

Hi there. It appears in the latest Spotify Platform update (2.7) that surround sound support has been included. I am certain that many users are happy with this feature but as an audiophile it has destroyed my use of the app. The DSP that is being used, whatever it may be, is doing an adequate job of rendering noise through the rear speakers but it does so at the cost of the midrange and an extremely bass-heavy mix. My sound system is made up of a 5.2 speakers and a Denon Receiver. The Xbox One is outputting uncompressed 5.1 audio via HDMI. Is there any mechanism or setting that can be implemented to turn off the surround sound encoding/DSP? Again, I would imagine many users like that their rear speakers are pumping out audio, but I would prefer for the unmodified two channel mix to be output. 

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It sounds so much better to spotify connect directly to my Denon receiver than going through Xbox one.

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