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Your Daily Mix issues

Your Daily Mix issues


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[Windows] Normally when I view the songs in Your Daily Mix, they reflect the albums and artists listed in the preview. Recently however, that has not been the case. Sometimes it will be the correct artist but the wrong album, or it will be the wrong music altogether. Additionally there is usually more discrepancy in one Daily Mix than there is in the other.

[iPhone] Not only is the same issue occuring on my phone, but the Daily Mixes are showing different songs between my phone and my computer. Is that normal?

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Hey @evan_SR! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


No, both of your apps should show the same songs in your Daily Mix playlist.

Are you sure that you're logged into the same account on both devices?

Let me know how it goes! ^^



I am positive I am logged in with the same account. And my devices are linked; I can control Spotify on my computer with my phone. If the two devices are supposed to have the same playlists, then there is definitely something very wrong with my Daily Mixes.



Hmm, that sounds weird.

Are both of the apps using the latest Spotify version?


Let me know how it goes! ^^


The Windows version is 1.88.353.0 and the iOS version is 8.4.**bleep**, with no updates waiting to be installed. Does that sound right?



Yes, thanks! ^^

And both of your devices are using the same Wi-Fi network?



Our house has one network with additional 5G capability. Phones are on the 5G, and computers are on the regular network. It makes the internet in the house run better, and our computers don't work with the 5G anyway. I switched my phone to the regular and opened Spotify and I noticed the previewed albums and artists matched my computer. I don't know if it was doing this before, but I assume it was since it didn't changed when I switched back to the 5G. What did change was the songs in the Daily Mixes. Each time I switched between WiFis or turned the WiFi off and went to cellular, the songs changed. It wasn't a set of three different lists for the regular, 5g, and cellular networks; it was a different list everytime. And none of it matched the list on my computer. It's like Daily Mix lost its algorithm or something.



Wow, that's really weird.

Both devices need to be on the same connection to match each others content. ^^



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