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different playlist per device/location?

different playlist per device/location?

I work.  I drive.  I relax.  I workout.


When I switch frm one task to another, or one device to another, I want a different playlist.  *NEVER* two at once, since I know that's not allowed...  but when I'm on my phone and plaything through my bluetooth car stereo, I want to hear my driving list.  When I'm on my work PC, I want to hear my work playlist.  I want to not lose my position in the playlist when I switch between devices.  I want to sit down at work, push 'play', and have it continue where I left off at work.  When I get in teh car after work, I want it to continue from the song I was listening to when I parked on the driving playlist.  Different devices, different default playlists.  Each maintaining their current state...


How do I set this up?


I honestly expect that having spotify know the difference between a car over bluetooth and headphones over a wired port and playing with speakers is too much, but having a different default playlist on each device should be trivial, and honestly, I'm surprised I can't figure it out.

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Hey @aarcane Welcome to the Spotify Community!


Currently there isnt a feature that allows memories of maintaining current songs. However that is a smart idea though. What you should do is put it in the Idea tab and then see how many people would be in favor of it


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