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over it!!

over it!!

Every time I change phones I put my spotify PREMIUM on and spend HOURS, sorry DAYS even WEEKS redownloading every f**kn album n every f**kn artist individually so the little green button is ON and yet still random songs,albums and artists every time I open my spotify have somehow turned their green button OFF!! Therefore having to use more data to redownload them. Spotify sucks no longer paying for it. Shame to lose all the music from the past 3 years!!!
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Hey @biddyhopkins


Can you give more details on what exactly happens? The Spotify app should not be randomly unmarking music for offline use.


Are you trying to save offline music on more than 3 devices? You can save music for offline use on up to 3 devices. If you have more than 3 devices, the offline cache will be deleted on one of your other devices to stay in the limit.


Check out the offline help article:

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Nope I only have it on my ph,I am currently re green buttoning every album and artist. This is the third ph I have had that it keeps happening to,bin with spotify 2 years

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