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"Add to Home Screen" feature gone

"Add to Home Screen" feature gone

I used to be able to add a shortcut to my home screen (Android) 2 days ago, and now I cannot do it. Why take away such a feature?

It was that one feature that made me drop Youtube Music. 

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Hey there @jcamachott,


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community. We moved your post from the Chat section to the help boards as its content fits better here. 


We can confirm that, while this feature is still available for albums, it's no longer possible to add playlist shortcuts to the home page. In addition to this, any shortcut you already have on your home screen may stop working in the future.


We really value your feedback as it helps inform our decisions going forward, and we'll be sure to pass this on to the right folks here at Spotify.


If anything else comes up, the Community will be here.



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Well this is odd. The feature is no longer there for me for albums. And for playlists the feature was never there. Is there a possible limitation per country? 


And in any case why would this feature be removed?



Madness.  Can we have the feature back please, it's very useful.  And like the raiser said, I also find I can't add albums to the homescreen now.

The same thing happens to me, this was one of the functions that made me lean towards spotify and not Youtube music. How is it possible that they take away that tool that made our lives easier? That is unfair. 

That feature or tool was what set them apart from YouTube Music, that's why I'm premium on Spotify, why didn't they do a survey before removing that feature? Don't think about the users we pay for that feature? That function makes our lives easier, we need it to be returned to us please. 

Por favor, entren a este link para que voten dando like, a ver si Spotify se apiada de nosotros y nos devuelve la opción de "agravar a pantalla de inicio"

I usually make a lot of custom playlist and many folders to hold them and navigating them from within the app is not as practical as having the custom playlist on the home screen of the phone. 
I really hope you'll reconsider this decision.

Help me with RT, so that Spotify returns the option to "add to home screen" our playlist, this option they recently removed without warning, and many of us pay premium for that function. Enter the community and like to vote 🗳, thank  you.

Same here. This feature is the only reason I kept Spotify over any other service. If they've actually permanently removed it that's insane and im gone. 

Why would this function be removed? I need my playlist shortcuts back ㅠㅠ

A mi tampoco me parece bien que se haya quitado esta opción. Me era muy útil en android auto para activar las listas con un solo toque desde el móvil. Por favor, vuelvan a ponerla

*interesting it calls me a casual user, My year end wrap up showed over 200 different genres and an average of 3 and 1/2 hours every day of using Spotify 🤔 Casual ⁉️

As an Uber driver I have 22 folders on my phone & each had 7-36 shortcuts inside. It was great & now I do not understand why most have stopped working.

I could switch music quickly this way for each passenger or they could look for themselves.

But to have to use the app and search my library makes no sense whatsoever.

Also tried the little Spotify "Car Thing". 🤣It was worthless compared to shortcuts Plus you could never add anything into queue.

If the feature does not return I will gladly switch services to something else.

Love Spotify works excellent for me but no matter what service I use 75% of it is tax deductible but now Spotify is a real pain for me to use to help entertain my passengers.

My phone has 28 folders with an average of 15 Shortcuts. Very few were albums.

I am an Uber driver in Nashville and Spotify was incredible and easy to use with these shortcuts because one question to a passenger and I could quickly select music or let them choose.

Now trying to find the correct music using the app in my library is a joke & definitely not driver friendly or even user friendly for the casual Spotify user.

Would love to know the reason why and if there is any chance of this being added back.

I will have to look at other services to me it does not matter because 75% of it is tax deductible. And the Spotify car thing was a joke I'm glad I purchased it for 20 bucks it's sitting in a box somewhere because it's basically useless if you could add songs to the queue that would be different.

Thank you

Absolute madness that this was removed. Why was it?

Can Spotify actually answer this properly please. Above they state the feature for albums is still available but clearly it is not apparent for many of us. Thank you

Just discovered this problem as I haven't used this option in a while.  I find it ridiculous that Spotify would remove such a valuable user functionality, and the moderator reply here doesn't even give a valid reason for it.  Having this option for albums is not even close to the same user experience as being able to add your custom made playlists for easy access.  At the very least you should have it available to Premium users!  Get your s*@t together Spotify!!

And still no actual response from Spotify (except from the mod, which didn't address the complaint)

Please put it back. I'm considering other options that include this feature. I like Spotify,  but if I find another app that has it, Spotify is gone. 

The feature to add a playlist to the Home Screen of my phone is no longer there ever since I updated the app. It was very convenient to add specific playlists on my home screen and open it there rather than opening the app, searching for the playlist I want to listen to. PLEASE BRING IT BACK.

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