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"Listen on your speaker" always shows

"Listen on your speaker" always shows

Every time I first start playing music on my desktop each day, a blue text bubble pops up from the device selection area saying something like "Listen on your speaker".

How do I turn this "reminder" off? I am listening on my speaker. You know... the ones connected to my computer? 

It's ridiculous that this pop up even exists on the desktop version. People are on laptops (speakers), or connected to a monitor (speakers), or have their stuff figured out.

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Hi there @kholm256, Welcome to the Community.


We can confirm this is something expected when a Spotify Connect enabled device is available on your network. At the moment, we don't have an option to disable Connect or turn off the notifications related to nearby devices. However, we recommend that you add your vote to this idea. If anything changes and this starts being looked into again, we'll post an update there.


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I went to the linked idea to vote for it, but it looks like the idea is "archived" and I get an error that I don't have sufficient permissions to see it.

This popup is maddening, so I'd love to upvote the idea - but the link you provided does not work.

And to clarify - I don't want to necessarily disable Spotify Connect. I just don't need a popup every single time I open the desktop app asking me about it.

Yeah, same as Blastronaut. That popup does not need to be shown every time I start playback. Maybe show it the first three times, or until I chose one of the connect options, but then it's enough, really.

The presence of the obnoxious popup is disparate from the ability to disable Spotify Connect altogether. The linked idea is not related to OP's post. I assume most users would want to retain the functionality of connect, without being reminded that it exists in such a distracting manner.

Chiming in here, this seems to be a new regression in this popup display.


Perhaps the preferences for closing the dialog is no longer saved in Spotify?


Been using Spotify exactly in the same way in the same environment with the same devices for years and this never happened, so it seems to be a recent software update that introduced this broken behavior.


I just updated to the latest version; still showing up all the time.

Screenshot 2023-04-03 at 12.17.07 PM.png

This is a really excessive popup. I've already used the "listen from your speaker" button to switch listening devices. Why does it not understand that I get it. I know how to use Spotify. I've used it for years at this point. The popup is very annoying.

This is definitely a recent regression. I never saw this until this week.


And, I'm already playing on my speakers -- via bluetooth. It's asking to play on another computer or "Everywhere".

Yet another unnecessary change where I just can't fathom how anyone could've thought this was a good idea. 'Let's annoy our users with a completely redundant popup everytime they play something. I'm thinking 'listen from your speaker', because obviously everyone is already listening from their speaker, so this popup should be a good reminder that we're not trying to enhance our product but simply trying to annoy our users with interfering popups, and let's see how far we can go with that. Maybe next month we'll introduce a full screen takeover asking if they've considered using Spotify to listen to music. It'll be great'

how bone headed is the culture at spotify that such a stupid popup even exists and the only way to remove it is to vote on an archived poll?  


I just got the new desktop update which features a new UI. Interestingly, the new UI has a new feature which has its own blue popup -- but this one has a "don't show this again" option.


The annoying one still doesn't have it. In fact, I just had to close it again for like the 12th time today. And I'll have to do it again tomorrow, too.


We have the technology.


This obnoxious blue popup started only in the last week or so and it's driving me nuts. I don't need to be hand-held literally every single time I open the app. I've been using spotify for almost a decade, I know I can play on other speakers.

Adding on to say I too have been getting the Listen from your speaker popup almost every day when I start playing music. The only other speaker I have is my Ecobee thermostat. Why do I need to listen to Spotify on that? I tried it just for the fun of it, thinking maybe once I do it, it would stop reminding me but nope, popup still shows. I've also done a clean reinstall. Still no help. These annoyances are what make me consider switching to a different service. 

Please get rid of this absolutely horrid popup ASAP. It makes me dislike Spotify every single time I open the app. I *know* that I can play from my speakers. I've been doing it for many years. There's enough popups in this world. Stop harassing us.

I've added a new "Idea" submission that addresses this issue. Please upvote it here:

I found a solution to the problem: I finally canceled my subscription and moved on to Tidal. I already imported all my playlists and see no reason to go back to the ever deteriorating Spotify. I wish all the developers who have to come up with these unnecessary changes in order to justify their job best of luck in trying to make Spotify even less user friendly in the future.

Based on the ridiculous number of notifications I got just from clicking the “Me Too” button, and the extremely small close button that is impossible to click on mobile, I’m actually not surprised that they think displaying the “Listen on you speaker” over and over and over is a good thing.

I'm considering cancelling my subscription if this popup continues to clutter my interface every single day.


Youtube Music doesn't have such inane**bleep**. Sounds like Spotify doesn't care for my money.

This has bothered me for quite some time and is such a dumb UI "feature". Surely if I regularly use Spotify Connect that means I know about it and don't need a bright blue "Listen on your speaker" popup literally every time I change playlists?

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