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"You're Listening on SM-G925V" Error

"You're Listening on SM-G925V" Error

I'm trying to listen to my Spotify on my chromebook, but no matter what I do it claims I'm "listening on SM-G925V," and refuses to let me change the device to my web player. So doing my darnedest I googled what the heck a SM-G925V was and realized its my phone. Naturally, I make sure that it is not playing on my phone (which it wasn't) and think I fixed the problem. but nope the error remains. I have uninstalled the app from both devices several times and also powered down my devices to see if it would make a change, but the only change is it says it's playing on SM-G925V even though it is no longer a choice of device. If anyone has any advice besides chucking my chromebook out a window or using it as kindle for a fire to heat up some s'mores, it would be much obliged.

Screenshot 2017-05-31 at 11.46.29 PM.png
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