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"Your Music" section broken on Tizen watch

"Your Music" section broken on Tizen watch



I have a problem with the Spotify app on the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 smartwatch. When I go to the "Your Music" section, both the "Your Collection" and "Your Playlists" menus are broken. They used to show different things but they both only seem to show the same playlists now.


Only 19 playlists show up. As you scroll down another page of items loads, however it just loads the same 19 playlists again and will do so infinitely loading the same page of 19 as you scroll down. It seems the playlists shown are the first 19 you see in "Custom order" on the PC. Frustratingly, pinned playlists aren't shown at all, which is particularly irritating since those are the ones you care most about. This also means you can't play your "Liked Songs".


So in essence there are three issues here:

1) "Your Collection" only shows playlists (I assume it is meant to show e.g. songs and/or albums)

2) "Your Playlists" doesn't show pinned playlists or "Liked Songs"

3) Both only load 1 page of items


I have a Premium account and the device is a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 with Tizen software version Unfortunately the Spotify app itself does not specify its version number anywhere (going to Settings -> Info just brings up a couple of open source licenses).


Many thanks,


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Thank you everyone for taking the time to report this and for providing us with details!


We've let the correct team know, they're investigating this at the moment, but we can't exactly say when it will be fixed.


In the meantime, don't forget to keep the app updated to the newest version and the Community's here should you need help with anything else.


Cheers 🙂

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For those who had the original problem; who had some playlists but not the Liked Playlist:

Spotify approved my workaround and is now usable to others: Spotify Workaround 

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Hey @sredni-vashtar,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community and welcome.

To investigate this case, would you mind including the troubleshooting steps you've followed so far? This is to avoid repeating processes. In case you haven't tried before, we'd recommend reinstalling the app on your watch to see if it makes any difference. Also, make sure your device is on the latest Tizen OS version.


Lastly, it would be great if you could include a video where we can see the behavior you're describing. You can attach it to your next response by using the Insert Video option in the post editor or upload it to YouTube or Google Drive and share the link with us (make sure the video has the permissions for anyone to watch it).

We'll be on the lookout.

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I have the same issue on my Galaxy Watch Active 2. I no longer can listen to my liked songs which I've downloaded for offline use.

Hey @Ms-Prada,

Thanks for reaching out!

Just to check, have you tried any of the steps mentioned by @OscarDC earlier in the thread?

Feel free to include the Tizen version you're currently running, should the issue persist.

Let us know how it goes.

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I've tried reinstalling the app and even resetting the watch.


Some more fiddling around revealed I was slightly wrong about pinned playlists: pinned playlists *are* shown but are shown wherever they were in the custom order before you pinned them. They are not shown at the top unless you first unpin them, put them there in custom order and then repin (or leave unpinned). "Liked Songs" still isn't shown though because you can't change its position in custom order even when it's unpinned.


Here's a video that shows:

1) Your Collection and Your Playlists show the same items (only playlists in both)

2) "Liked Songs" is not listed

3) Pinned items are not at the top

4) Scrolling down is clearly meant to load another page of items but it always loads the first page again




I factory reset the watch. Reinstalled Spotify and still the same issue.
Samsung Watch Active 2 on Tizen Version

I watched Sredni's video and I can confirm that the same situation is happening on mine.

Hey @sredni-vashtar and @Ms-Prada,


Thanks for the provided info, we really appreciate this.


We've let the right team know about this issue and they'll be investigating the situation further. Hopefully there'll be a fix soon, but in the meantime you can keep an eye on this thread for updates.


Take care!

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Did you find a solution to this?

Hey there folks!

The teams looking into this backstage just need a few more details to continue with the investigation.

Would you mind letting us know when you first began noticing this issue? Also, do you know if it occurred at any specific points? For example after an update to the watch OS or to the app.

Many thanks! We'll keep an eye out for your replies.

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I noticed mine the day before February 1st. Normally I don't connect my Samsung Galaxy Active 2 watch running Tizen to the internet, but I wanted the songs I recently had liked to be downloaded to continue listening offline while I work on my farm. I enabled the wifi, navigated to Spotify, and went to select my music category. My downloaded Liked playlist was gone. The songs were still download as the delete settings were near max size. Deleting the cache and downloaded songs were no help either. As a last result I then factory reset the watch and reinstalled Spotify. I also had to do multiple updates to the watch the second time so I decided to delete Spotify itself and reinstall it once more. To which it had the same results.

If you watched user @sredni-vashtar video you will see it only loads a portion of your saved playlists. As a work around I then started moving songs from my Liked Playlist into newly created playlist and are able to see songs. I also attempted to delete some playlists in hopes to narrow this error since it only loads a portion of my saved playlists. I was unable to test this theory as I got bored/tired of trying to divide hundreds of songs into different genres and then delete them from my Liked Playlist. 

I know this isn't much technical help; so I'm sorry for that. I described my experience and may attempt to review the Spotify API to write a script to move all songs from Liked Playlist to Liked 2 Playlist, since my attempts showed some positive results. 






Samsung Galaxy Watch

Operating System



My Question or Issue

I use my Samsung Watch for running and listening to Spotify frequently outside, I recently have been indoors due to winter and have not used the watch's app in a few weeks - however we have just received warmer weather and so I booted up my watch only to find that Spotify no longer shows my Liked Songs anywhere on the Galaxy Watch's Spotify app. I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled with a data wipe and it is the same every time.

Usually I open Spotify then head to Your Music > Your Collection > this generally is the same as Liked Songs on the Desktop application and it just shows all of my currently liked songs. However, this is no longer the case, it only shows all of my Playlists. Under your Your Collection there is also a Your Playlists button and this essentially just shows the exact same thing.


I am wondering if there is a bug where Your Collection is just showing Your Playlists now since they appear to be identical when opened? All the Playlists look correct and up-to-date but I do not wish to listen to those, simply my own Liked Songs.

For the time being I have made a new playlist and simply selected the top 20-30 songs from my Liked Songs but this is quite a hassle and annoyance to keep updated and voids the entire reason for Liked Songs existing... a fix would be appreciated especially since this watch app is a Premium feature of Spotify and it currently is not serving its purpose.

After reading through the Spotify Web API; We can fetch:  get-users-saved-tracks. It has some limitations as we can only request 50 songs per offset/request. Not a serious issue as we will just loop through/send requests every 50 songs till the returned Array is empty.  

If this is something users are interested; please let me know.


I will create a browser edition to move your Liked Playlist to a Newly Generated Liked Playlist 2 as a workaround.

This workaround will be suffice for now. I now have my complete Liked Songs Playlist in its original order saved/downloaded again to my watch for offline use. 🎶

If the developers approve this; its ready for use.

Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 19-02-46 Spotify Liked Songs 2.png
Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 19-50-43 Spotify Liked Songs 2.png
Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 20-25-50 Playlist Mover Extension Requests.png

Hey, how would I be able to make this work? Thank you!



Is there perhaps an update on this? It basically made the Spotify on my Galaxy Watch 3 useless since I can't see my Playlists and then download them for using it while running.

It disappeared after I re-installed the watch. 

I've been tracking this for over a month now. I don't think its a priority for Spotify. There is so few of us with this problem it seems. Even I have considered discontinuing my premium service. At which point I will no longer maintain my solution.  

Hello. Since 2 months, i can t see my Spotify playlists on Samsung watch 3. When i log in, i have only the function "search" and "settings". But no "browser" any more. Somebody knows how to solve it ?

Hey there, 


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


Would you mind checking if you have the latest version of the Spotify app installed on your phone and your Galaxy Watch 3? 


On another note, make sure that your Galaxy Watch 3 is connected to your phone and that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network or mobile data.


Let us know how it goes.

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Yes, Both latest Version and same network. This are the 2 only function i have : search and settings 

I posted another solution but it appears that Spotify doesn't like when I include the Javascript source.

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