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recover Spotify connection from computer suspend or sleep

recover Spotify connection from computer suspend or sleep

I found the Web player can not automaticly connect to Spotify music server after the computer recovers from suspend or sleep until refresh the web interface.


I hope the web player can do it!


Because I always keep my web browser on with a Spotify tab, and hope i can keep the web player status and play music directly when computer recovers from suspend or sleep.


As I thought, tablet will replace PC in light work in the future. Web app maybe replace almost software in the future, too.


Could you Spotify web UI team make the feature come true, please?

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Hey, daviking222!


I've found that the Spotify Webplayer connects just fine after a sleep/hibernate or suspend. I'm using Windows 7 on a laptop. Which operating system are you using and what sort of device? Once we know that it might be that we can suggest some troubleshooting steps to perhaps help you with the issue.


However, if this happens for every user using your operating system, you might need to suggest the change to Spotify via the Idea section. That section is a place where you can suggest a change to Spotify and if enough people agree with you, it will most likely get changed for you. To start your new idea, head over here:


Click on 'New Idea' to create your idea. 🙂

i am using windows 8.1 32 bit with last version of Chrome browser.

my computer is Asus A8Jr.


webplayer keep in the picture status. but right upper blue square will disappear after a while.


if you suspend/sleep and reopen the computer, it really work well as you said.

if you suspend/sleep the computer for more than a little time, you will found the problem!

you should try it!


I think it may be the same in any OS and any browser!

what i mean is when the UI disconnect with Spotify server, make it reconnect back to server possible!

thank you!

螢幕擷取畫面 (12).png

Same problem, Win 10, chrome v47 64bit.

I have a whole bunch of extensions though, could be one of those i guess, but i doubt it.

Same problem with latest version of Chrome under Windows 10 64bit. After going into suspend, the player will no longer play until I hit Refresh in which case it usually loses it's place and begins the album again 😞


At first I thought "what a dandy service!"... Now Im thinking you get what you pay for. Bugs.

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