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sick of spotify for blackberry

sick of spotify for blackberry

I am so sick of your blackberry app (BB 9000) and start looking for an alternative to spotify, after about one year using your premium service. It obviously doesn't get any better.


- It needs 5-6 minutes to login. When it finally happens,  I already reached my destination.

- After I sync my playlist via wifi, everything is working fine when streaming offline. As soon as I am on my way and start spotify the recently synchronized  tracks are not available in offline modus anymore, I can just stream them. I just have 200mb per month, so this is no alternative.


All I can do, is just reset the entire playlist and redownload it (700mb) , sometime I have to reinstall the app. I don't have time and nerves for that anymore.


I know Blackberry is not so cool anymore and developers are not so motivated creating apps for these devices. But then pls don't charge me $10/m for something that doesn't work.

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Hey 🙂 


Sorry to hear you are having issues with the BlackBerry client, as a BlackBerry user myself I can symphathise! Unfortunately, with BB OS 7 devices now being "legacy" and no application for BB10 the future of Spotify on BlackBerry appears to be unknown. To be honest, I am not expecting anymore updates to the BlackBerry client.


Have you tried synching the content you want offline, and then forcing the application into offline mode in the Setting menu? I have found that is the best way to keep content on the device and prevent long login times. I actually haven't had any unsynching issues lately after my last device reset which I got Spotify to do for me. If you want to give that a go, you can drop a post on this topic and they will reset your offline devices for you but be aware it will remove all offline content on all of your devices. 



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