streaming spotify to Secondlife parcel


streaming spotify to Secondlife parcel


Hello , I own a couple of sims in the virtual world of secondlife and would like to be able to stream my playlists to these, I see

people can stream  with winamp,shoutcast  and other streams they are using a port number after the web address or a web adderss that I guess supports streaming in this virtual world...can anyone tell me if I can do this thee and how?  


thank you''

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I believe our terms and conditions will not allow this. Spotify is only licensed for personal, non-commercial use. This means that streaming out onto a public place, even a digital one like Second Life, would be against the terms and conditions. 

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that sucks!


This might be something for spotify to look into as an additional subscription service.  I, too, would be interested in using spotify to stream music into Second Life, and would be willing to pay a reasonable fee for the ability to do so.

Don't rush to just deny, explore a new market!


Aww! I was hoping while my friends and I were playing greedy or parcheesi, we could listen to a customized playlist I made in Spotify.

Spotify hook us up soon. 😄

Maybe do an add-on to premium members?

I DJ in SL and am by the book with how to do things.

I know it's against the TOS of SL as well to use Spotify or Pandora, any internet radio for business purposes for that matter.

Not looking to go to jail or pay a fine. hehe So, I do it the right way or I don't do it. 

So if Spotify does decide to do something in the future with SL, my usage would be on my land only.



For now the only solution is to select the "stereo mix" option in the "sound" tab of the control panel as standard for "recording". Then in second life. go to Preferences, Audio and Voice, and Device Settings. Select "stereo" as the "output" again. And so when you turn on the voice you can play the audio that passes through the computer with clean quality. It's the only way. 


Zat, not sure when you refer to the stereo mix option on the sound tab in the control panel what you are saying, can you be more specific, Win 10, Secondlife Prefs?