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I have been using Spotify with Premium subscription for years now. WD TV Live is one of the devices I have been using recently but today it refused to log me in saying "Spotify Premium is required for this device. Please purchase a Premium subscription..."

I have an active Premium subscription.

I deleted all the devices from offline list but my mobile (although I know WD TV is not a kind of it).

What could be the problem??!

Annoying. Very!

Thanks in advance!



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I have exactly the same message on my WD TV Live since a week or so

Same thing 😞

I've contacted the support but no clear answer...


Ah, it appears that Spotify does not support the WD TV Live anymore. Just read an e-mail sent May 10th:


(translated from Dutch, so your mail may be different)


"We want to let you know that the Spotify-app soon will be removed from your Western Digital TV.

But don't worry, there are other ways to stream Spotify via your TV - and other devices: From the Spotify-app on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop"

Great... An other great thing is deleted from WD TV... it seems to be slowly a normal, but nowadays useless mediaplayer... 😕 What a pity... 😞

If they added Spotify Connect instead would be welcome!

Anyway does Connect need any special hardware??

Exactly the same problem over here. Spent a lot of time in solving the problem, without succes, befire I noticed this news. Bad communication by Western Digital. Too bad Spotify disappeared from this device. Makes the WD TV Live only useful for Netfix. Too sad.   

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problem seems to be told but not really SOLVED...

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