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Changement d'abonnement







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Fist I have subscribed a premium individual  subscription 12 months and I  have paid 119.88 €.

It was a mistake and I have changed this subscription for a premium family at 14.99  € per month

Unfortunately I never get my money back , How can i proceed to get my money back ?

Thanks for your answer



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Hey @Josefina95,


Welcome to the Community and thanks for posting your question here.


To clarify, if you had previously subscribed to Spotify Premium paying for one year and then you upgraded to Premium Family, you won't get the money for the previous subscription back as a consequence of the upgrade.


What will happen is that the amount of Premium time you paid for when you activated the first subscription (one year of Premium) gets converted into a new amount of Premium time which is immediately available for you with the new subscription. 


Since the new subscription is more expensive then the previous one, the amount of Premium time that you get with it is slightly smaller than what you got with the previous one. 


When this amount of time is finished, you'll start being charged monthly for the subscription renewal. You can double-check when the monthly subscription renewal will start by looking at the Your plan box in the Account overview section of your Spotify Account page.


If you're interested in the possibility of receiving a refund, you can take a look at this support site article featuring all the relevant info regarding this.


Hope you'll find this info useful. Let us know if we can help with anything else 🙂

Mario Moderator
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