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Family Plan to Student Discount (Activating Hulu and Showtime)

Family Plan to Student Discount (Activating Hulu and Showtime)

Hey all,


I'm an existing family plan owner and recently discovered the student discount (Spotify, Hulu, Showtime). I updated my email to my college email, went through the registration and ran into a wall.


According to the FAQ on - "How do I log in to Hulu or SHOWTIME?" = "Once you take the offer, follow the steps we provide to activate your accounts on Hulu and SHOWTIME. You’ll be asked to create a new account, or log in to your existing accounts"


I was never prompted with this information, nor sent via email. Going back to, simply results in a "You're verified".


So, I'm a bit confused to how I setup my Hulu or SHOWTIME accounts. Further, to validate, when on a family account ... it's what, 50% off, so $7.50?




Family Plan to Student Premium


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Hey @fabyacosta Welcome to the Spotify Community!


What you need to do to activate your Hulu and Showtime is to go to your account overview. Once you have done that, on the left side there is a category labeled "Your Services" Click on that tab and you will be taken to the page to where you can activate either Hulu or Showtime. 


Just incase you don't know how to get to the Account Overview, go to and sign into your account. Once you have done so click on "Profile" on the top right corner and click "Account". After you have clicked on "Account" you will be taken to your Account Overview. 


Now when you are on a family account, you wont be charged the 7.50 you will still be charged the full Family Plan price. Once you have switched over to your Student Premium, that is when you will be charged with the 4.99 a month. Also because you are switching over you are losing the abilities that Spotify Family Plan has to offer.



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