Family members can't join the Spotify Family plan

Family members can't join the Spotify Family plan



I'm very disapointed with the onboarding of this service. I read a lot of topics about the subject, but I can't solve the problem.


We are a family of five. My sister joined the plan through a link with no problem.


However, the other members of my family can't join, even if they have a non-premium account. I tried by sending a link, then a an invitation by email, nothing is working. We have been stuck for 3 days.


Thank you for your answers, I'll keep you updated if we get any luck…

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Hey @carbl, welcome to the Community!


Are you living at the same adress? To use Spotify Family you must reside at the same adress. Hope this Helps 🙂

The same address? What difference does that make if you make the payment, and choose your family members? My daughter got married, moved to a new house and Spotify canceled her membership. Nice Spotify. a


And I'm still paying the same price, not for one less family member. Spotify graciously suggested the she get her own Premium Supscription. Really nice Spotify. 

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