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I paid for the family plan, but my account still shows individual plan


I paid for the family plan, but my account still shows individual plan

I received a message informing that my premium individual plan would expire. I took the opportunity to change the plan to a family subscription. Then I paid for the family subscription for a year in advance. Now my account still says I'm on individual premium subscription (the expiration date was updated). I want the family plan subscription to be activated or the price difference to be refunded.

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Resolved through support chat.

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Resolved through support chat.

I am facing what could be a similar problem. It would be convenient to know what the problem and solution was.

Sorry, but I don't have the information. What I have are the symptoms: I had a individual premium subscription which would expire in 2 days. Then I purchased the 1 year family plan subscription through the browser, paying in advance by card. When I tried to access the site where you setup the family plan ( the page would not load at all. When I checked my app on the phone, I saw that the expiration date for my individual plan was modified with +1 year, but it was still a premium individual plan. I contacted the support through the chat. After going through some chat bot, I was contacted by a human after selecting "Payment issues" (or something like that). The person analyzed my case in few minutes and provided a link to me to enter again my card data as if it was a new purchase (but guaranteed to me that I would not be charged again). I had to put my card data again and proceed with the "purchase". Then I was redirected to the family plan setup page that actually worked and could add family members. I checked my account on my phone app and saw that it was updated to a family plan. And that is all I have to share


PS.: Of course I was not charged again.

Siempre se realiza automáticamente el pago de mi tarjeta a plan familiar. Fallo el pago e ingrese de nuevo mi tarjeta y se realizo el pago pero como plan individual y lo quiero cambiar a familiar como siempre se habia estado pagando.

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