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change family members

change family members

Hi all,


I have a spotify family account and would like to remove my expartner so that my new partner can join instead. I do find explanations of how to remove a family member (e.g., however, this page has been showing 'please try again later' for the last two months (I tried a few times every week). How can I remove a family member to add a new one?





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There should be a Manage your Family accounts button somewhere on this page. Can you see it?

oh thank you for your reply, I only saw it now!

no, I do not see that button. Also, it confusingly shows 'your plan: Spotify Free', which is definitely not true. I pay for a family account every month and I also listen to music without any trouble. Maybe thisis the problem?

it WORKS! for anyone ever having this issue: when I log in with my email address it does not work, but when I log in with my user name I can see my family.

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