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premium to family plan and lost playlist

premium to family plan and lost playlist

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iPhone 7, 

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 Hello.. Originally, my husband and I were on premium plans.  Last night we switched  to Family Plan. I apologize in advance if this confusing, but honestly... I am at loss. My husband sent me an invite to join "Family Plan" from his Iphone. I am not sure if I accepted the invitation from my Iphone or mac or if it makes a difference. Either way.. I accepted. Today, I logged out of spotify on my computer after accepting the invite. Now I am now a family member.  Unfortunately... this has caused a problem... I CAN NOT FIND OR LOST my playlist from MY premium account on my computer. Here is  the weird part. For my phone my spotify account reads "premium member" with all my original playlists still present.  I have logged out and back on it still comes up "Premium memember" Now I am not sure if this means anything,  but full disclosure it is. I als accepted the inviation again through my phone thinking that mght make difference. Bottom line... I have one device showing playlist as 'Premium Member" while the other device (Mac) shows "family Membership" and NO PLAYLIST. I would greatly appreciate someones help with this!  I need my playlists for all kinds of wonderful reason !! PLEASE HELP-- thank you and my apologies for long email. 

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Hi @stameneP3

It sounds like you accidently created a new account and accepted the family invite with it. Therefore you see this account as family member but your playlists are gone. Your other account has the playlists but it is not in the family subscription. I'd recommend checking out the FAQ page "Can I create multiple accounts?" here for more info.

I suggest your husband to open the account overview page and check what accounts are listed under Premium for Family section. Then he should remove the accidently created account and send you a new invitation and make sure you accept it while logged into the correct account.
Hope this helps!

hello @jsannn--


Thank you for getting back so quickly! Greatly appreciate it! I believe I went through the some of the steps looking into account info. I closed my premium account and family account which is one on each device. I rals eset the password. It still comes up my username and email correctly, but the family plan account is still on my Mac and the Premium on my phone. They stil have the same user name, email and now new password. Again.. My apologies for any rundancey, but I am really do not understand how my set is TWO accounts with the email, password, and username all the same. The only difference is the plan on each device. How can I merge the two? Oh btw.. I have not even looked @ my ipad. I foree a problem there yet to be discovered. So bottom line.. How can I... merge all my accounts? Does my husband after resend another invite and I accept ONLY when all my devices are signed off? If possible can you or someone just as kind lay it out more specifically. I appreciate your patience and understanding! I am frustated! Its taking to much of my time for something I like to keep that is soooo enjoyable!

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