[Community] How to deactivate Hulu

[Community] How to deactivate Hulu

I have been going insane for hours it seems, trying to figure out how to deactivate Hulu on my Premium Spotify Student account so that I am able to reactivate Hulu and not be charged for it. Both Spotify and Hulu support basically point at each other to solve this issue without any actual fixes.. So I essentially continue to pay for Hulu when I should not be while both accounts have the same email address. What's the solution here?

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really frustrating to see I'm not the only one.  Spent hours trying to figure out how to remove Hulu so I can upgrade.  Seems I literally have to cancel Spotify so that I can have Hulu.

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We'll need more information regarding this so we can look into this further. 


You want to connect already an existing Hulu account to your Spotify account or cancel the Hulu subscription?


In case you want to link your Hulu and Spotify accounts you can head here.


Keep us posted.



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Yes! I am getting super frustrated going back and forth with this! I want to upgrade my Hulu package and I can't do anything in my Hulu account because it's linked to Spotify, and so it says I need to manage through Spotify and go to Your Services > Account Overview > Deactivate Hulu ONLY that option DOESN'T EXIST! I'm pulling my hair out here!! 

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