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How do I unlink Hulu from Spotify student?

How do I unlink Hulu from Spotify student?

I want tot upgrade to Hulu without ads, but I don’t want to have to make an entire new account. I haven’t found any way to take Hulu off of my Spotify billing, Is there a way to unlink the account so that I can keep it?
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You can cancel your Hulu account bundle with Spotify at any time directly from your Spotify account page. To do so, select Your Services under Account Overview, then click Deactivate Hulu. The only thing that will be affected by completing this action is your access to Hulu; your Spotify account shouldn't be affected. You can read more about this here.

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This is not a viable solution. This button you advise to click does not exist. The page has now changed to only activated services with hulu, spotify, and showtime, but there is no deactivate button. The only buttons are to start watching through the two services and to listen to music through spotify.

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Would you mind sending us a screenshot of what you're seeing on your end? You can attach it to your next response by using the Insert image option in the post editor. Make sure not to send any private info.

We'll be on the lookout.

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Screenshot 2023-09-16 200310.png


I'm also trying to deactivate my Hulu account to switch from Spotify Student to Duo. This is the screen that appears when I click on "Your Services".

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I've done some digging around and it looks like there've been some changes to how this works recently, and that's why you can't find the Deactivate Hulu button.


You'd need to cancel your current subscription, wait until your account goes on Spotify free, and then re-subscribe to your new Premium subscription with Hulu. 


Note that when your account goes on Spotify free, your downloaded content will be removed from your device, so you'd need to redownload your playlists once you're on Premium again. All your Liked songs, playlists, albums, artists etc. will stay intact on your account, just the downloads for offline listening get removed.


Hope this helps.

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Clearly, this still has not been fixed by the Hulu/Spotify development teams after 6+ months. Get your acts together! I am currently fighting this silly undersight.

Spotify and Hulu... clearly IDIOTS.  Can't remove Hulu from Spotify to upgrade to Hulu Live+ .  Guess I'll have to go Fubo.


This is still the case now. Why has the option to disconnect your Hulu membership from your Spotify account been removed? Very frustrating and also is making me want to cancel altogether and go somewhere else. Add it back.

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