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I have yhe student discount and I can't watch Showtime because it request me to make a new account.

I have yhe student discount and I can't watch Showtime because it request me to make a new account.


I have the student discount with Hulu and Showtime included.  I can't watch Showtime its requesting to open a new account

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Hey @Paola723.


Thanks for getting in touch!


For instructions how to get Spotify and Hulu, please take a look at this article we wrote. You'll find detailed instructions how to get everything up and running 🙂


For questions related to your Hulu account, we'll have to forward you to Hulu though.


Hope it will do the trick! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

Is not hulu because I have the hulu account with no problem is showtime that I have the problem in logging my account and thanks for the article.

Hey @Paola723.


If you don't already have a SHOWTIME account, you can create it when you activate the offer.  


For any issues related to your SHOWTIME account or service, check out the SHOWTIME support site.


Let us know how it goes 🙂

I too cannot use Showtime after signing up with the Spotify student bundle. It's understandable that Spotify should assume that subscribers should be able to resolve this problem by contacting Showtime. However, so far this has not worked for me. I think Spotify should at least provide some basic information about how to make this process work  properly.

Hey there @themistocles,


Thanks for reaching out to us 🙂


Can you open an incognito window on your PC? Sometimes the cache can lead to different issues. Then you can head here to connect your Showtime account with your Spotify account.


If you don't have a Showtime account, you can create one here during the sign-up flow.


If you still experience this issue, you can head here and contact our support team. The folks there can look into this further.


Hope this helps. If you have questions, you know where to find us.




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Thank you for your suggestions. These specific instructions were not the solution to my problem but motivated me to continue. I solved my problem, but I can't tell you how I did it. If I could, I'd share it in case someone else experienced the same problem. Thanks again. 

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