Premium activated on one device but not another.

Premium activated on one device but not another.




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I signed up for the student premium account for Spotify. I've had a free Spotify account under that email address for a while, and, proceeding from my account page on my computer (I figured it would be easier than using my phone), I was verified as a student at my university and signed up for the student account.
It's working beautifully on my computer--I'm able to listen to any song without shuffle or ads, and it tells me on my account page that I have the Spotify Premium Student account.
On my phone, however, it tells me that I still have the free account, and I can't listen without ads and shuffle. I logged out and I logged back in. I deleted the app and I redownloaded it. The support website suggested that the problem could be I somehow have a second account, so I checked to make sure it is the same account, and it definitely is the same account. I know this because 1) it shows on my computer when I'm listening on my phone and vice versa, 2) when I play a song on my phone and have my account open in a window on my laptop, it plays through that instead, 3) ALL of my saved playlists and liked songs are available on both my phone and laptop, and 4) when I click on my phone to sign up for student premium, it tells me I already have, yet, when I go into my profile page on my phone, it tells me I am still only signed up for the free account while my computer tells me otherwise.
PLEASE help me with this. I'm not exceptionally computer savvy for a 19-going-on-20 year old. I can't figure out why the student premium account is only available on my computer and not on my phone when I have gone to great lengths to determine it is in fact the same account. I'm pretty frustrated at this moment because the Spotify support website was the opposite of a help and was kind of confusing for me to navigate. By the way, does Spotify respond to emails begging for support help? Their website says they don't take support calls anymore, but it said nothing about emails.
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Hey @Josh_Baker ,


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I recommend reaching out to Support so that they can take a look at this 🙂 

Before contacting Support though, you could try using a different phone if you have one and if you know someone with Premium, you can try asking them if they can log into the device you're experiencing the issue on to see if it persists.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

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