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Premium student

Premium student

Just wanted to clarify the exact steps for verification, because I’ve followed through with all the instructions on the pages you have redirected me to and i keep ending up at a blank web page with no confirmation of verification.( also just to preface i have had student premium for about a year now, just an hour ago I received an email from Spotify to re verify my student status or whatever )
Any assistance you can provide me on this matter will be greatly appreciated.



1 Reply

Hey @Stulovesstinkybluech! That sounds frustrating!!! I am sorry about that. Let's see. First, I can't understand why you end up at a blank web page. That's odd. I would recommend the typical. 1) Trying another browser, 2) Trying another device, 3) Cleaning your browsing data. If none of that works and you are still unable to renew your membership I would recommend contacting Customer Support at:


In case none of that works or you would rather get help through the Community then I would recommend inserting pictures and videos (screen recording) of the issue and I am sure someone will be able to look further into this.


All the best,



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