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I got an email saying I have to reverify myself as a student. I have clicked on the link to do so, but it takes me to the page advertising Hulu and newly added Showtime. I can't figure out how to reverify my account!


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Hey @sydp14

Thank you for reaching out to the Community and welcome. 

If it’s your first time obtaining the discount, you’ll find all the information in this article. However, if you want to renew it after a year and you’re having issues, we’d recommend taking a look at this article as well.

In case you have any additional questions or any confusion about it, let us know the issue you have so we can explain it better.

Hope this helps. We’ll be on the lookout.

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@everyone who is trying to get a proper solution


I've been having the same issue and none of the moderator solutions worked. After looking on Google for some time, I found out that you have to go to to renew your student discount. You're welcome.


Spotify, PLEASE update your articles with the proper verification link. The SheerID link in this article is not correct  - it should be changed to


have you found a way to reverify it? i am having the same issue...

I FIGURED IT OUT! Just google sheerid spotify and click the first one that pops up. It says something like “students save of spotify..” then if u scroll down it says “view student offer”. click that and it redirects u to spotify. then scroll down and click get started. once i clicked that it took me to a page that had a button that said renew discount. hope it works for you!!!

Hey @sydp14, the only helpful reply I've seen said that the option to reverify only shows up right before the discount expires, and not a month before like the email they send suggests. Since your comment is from 2 weeks ago, does it work now? I am asking for myself too because I got the email yesterday.

After spending too long finding the link to renew my student verification, I noticed that the US isn't listed as an available country. Is this a mistake, or is the US excluded from this discount?

this is truly ridiculous. I am having the very same issue as nearly everyone else in this forum. we all received an email stating that our student premium plan is expiring in however long... when following the link attached within the email it simply takes us to our account where it shows us our (student) subscription plan. it states all of the details and add-ons ect that the package includes. no where within that page is a link or instructions on how to renew it. where or how do we renew it?? I (many of us) have not been using the student plan for more than the acceptable amount of time so that's not the issue. it would be absolutely divine if we could get a hold of an actual answer instead of irrelevant comments that do not come close to what we are asking. Spotify please help us. I will definitely be converting to YouTube music if I can't even get a hold of a person to help. included within my comment are pictures that can with any luck help you understand what is going on. 


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