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Advertising on podcasts


Advertising on podcasts

Although I am a Premium member, there are adverts coming when I listen to podcasts. I really really hate adverts and this is the main reason I went premium.


How can I stop ads on podcasts.






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Hi! I experienced the same problem listening the podcast "El país de los demonios". Even though I'm premium, ads are automatically played in the middle of the podcast. I really hate this!


I don't know how can I stop ads on podcasts, c'mon I'm premium!!!




They say Premium is ad free MUSIC.

I think they could compensate podcasts for no ads, but they don't want. It will be expensive for them.

Bumping this. It's absolutely unconceivable to listen to ads IN THE MIDDLE of a true crime episode...while having a Premium account.

Hi, I have a problem with a podcast from Yaz on Spotify.

I don't mind she reads at every podcast advertisement about Spotify podcasts, but each time it opens on desktop app sidebar 3rd column now playing where you could see ADVERTISEMENT and then yaz reads about Spotify podcasts...


Please please honour my opinion not to open 3rd column or at least close it as soon as Yaz stops reading advertisement.

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