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Badges for daily logins


Badges for daily logins

Hey guys, does the 2 Daily Logins3 Daily Logins and similar badges work for anybody? I am sure that I was logged in for many consecutive days but never received them. It's not a big deal, I am just curious. 🙂



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Good question 🙂

Thanks for your comment, at least I know I am not the only one who thinks about that. 🙂




Hi @CzechFencer!

The Community Team at Spotify have been and still are working with Lithium the software that runs the fourms to fix the issues with badges being applied.


At the moment there isn’t a specific timeframe which I could give you as it’s still under detailed investigation/fix.


 Sorry about that!


Take care,

Hi @EthanS1!

Thanks for your response. As I said, it's not a big deal. I was just wondering if I missed something obvious. 🙂




You’re welcome! 


Take Care,

Just wondering... This issue seems to be older than 2 years (i just found corresponding threads). Does it mean Spotify (and lithium) are working on that for 2 years now?! If you can't fix it, I suggest to just put those badges away!


Well, interesting to notice that at some point between March 2018 and now the daily login badges were removed... which is totally ok to me if the problem couldn't be fixed. But as a big fan of good communication I do wonder that this decision isn't mentioned here with any word.

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