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Ban Joe Rogan now!


Ban Joe Rogan now!

Profiting from the distribution of deadly misinformation is immoral and shameful! I am a paying subscriber and if you don't remove him I will leave.Profiting from the distribution of deadly misinformation is immoral and shameful! Another paying subscriber leaving Spotify for a platform that supports the art of music and not Faux News. Ps. It was easy to find a way to export my playlists.

456 Replies

On what grounds is a COVID-19 misinformation podcast allowed on a music platform?

Welp, looks like it's gonna be Apple Music at my house. If Spotify insists on keeping a science-denying UFC announcer, well ... that's gonna do it for me. If you're going to value the "muscle-headed bro" demographic, you're well on your way. 

I just figured out I've spent almost 800 bucks on Spotify since I subscribed in 2017. I didn't wanna leave - I use Spotify for hours every day. It's gonna suck to switch. But **bleep** Joe Rogan and his boneheaded bro-world. I'm out. 

We're better off without you.


You talk about science like it's a religion. Science has always been about the open discussion of the merits of any claim. The fact that the top experts in various fields of science have gone on his show and questioned the official COVID narrative should have woken you up 


Yet here we are 2 years later with record covid deaths, psychologically damaged children, and a broken world economy it will take a generation to recover.


Thanks for destroying the world boomer Karen.

"You talk about science like it's a religion." 
And you talk about science like a hick who thinks pecking around on the internet and listening to podcasts that tell you what you wanna hear equals research. 

The expert guests on Rogan cite their claims. You want to shutdown public discussion of scientific fact because you're hysterical.

With so many other apps out there, I cannot in good conscience support a company that profits from spreading sickness and death.  I can get my entertainment else where, thank you very much!

Yeah? Who did Alex Jones cite? Who did Jordan Peterson cite? Who did Rogan cite when he said trans wasn't a thing? Were those peer-reviewed scientific journal citations? Please list. 

try to keep up, Cletus.

Lol you seriously couldn't tell the difference between expert guests and comedic ones?


New suggestion: Spotify puts a warning on Joe's podcast just for you. I'm sure Spotify can detect your low IQ from your playlists.

I agree.  I support Neil Young.  Joe Rogan is an imbecile.  Spotify needs to dump Rogan and support good common sense and community health.

Very upset with Spotify! As a premium account member I think this is crazy for Spotify to support Joe Rogan spreading misinformation about covid. I will cancel my account and go back to Apple ITunes music. 

same here partner!  I am trying to delete my account now; any one able to share how one may do that?

Seriously how do we all block Joe Rogan? 

Spotify come to an agreement --> let's get Neil Young back !!!!!!

Dear Spotify.  You have a responsibility to your listeners and musicians you represent to not add your company’s name to the list of misinformation spreaders.   Be a be on of sane reason and be a solution.  Stop allowing miss information.  And for god sakes get Neil Young back on Spotify!!!   There is always Amazon music….

It is absolutely inacceptable that Spotify still stands behind Rogan, the - in Spotify´s own words - "exclusive partner" for "original" content.

Agreement? Where´s it to find?

Also, I think it's insane to pay 100m$ for one podcast, even if it wasn't controversial. Let all artists have a fair share of that cake instead of stuffing it into the butts of a few selected ones (and their lawyers, agents, etc.)

Absolutely agree with you. I've been Premium user for many years but I find it unacceptable that a "person" like Rogan gets his spot here. 

If they don't get rid of him next month, I'm moving to Tidal or Deezer (and yes, exporting your playlists is easier than I thought) 

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