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Ban Joe Rogan now!


Ban Joe Rogan now!

Profiting from the distribution of deadly misinformation is immoral and shameful! I am a paying subscriber and if you don't remove him I will leave.Profiting from the distribution of deadly misinformation is immoral and shameful! Another paying subscriber leaving Spotify for a platform that supports the art of music and not Faux News. Ps. It was easy to find a way to export my playlists.

456 Replies

Seriously, democracy is in danger because someone expresses their opinions and has guests that support his opinion? Democracy is far more robust than you profess. It will die, however, if people are continuously denied their Constitutional rights in the name of equity or social Justice or whatever moniker those in charge propagandize to the unquestioning masses.

Wait til you find out what a lawyer will charge you. Go back to CNN.

Keep on living in the ‘60’s, the world has moved on.

Are you comfortable with children listening to Spotify’s EXPLICIT CONTENT? They can be exposed to racial hatred, misogyny, thuggery, the “N” word and all kinds of antisocial attitudes there. But I guess it’s not COVID “misinformation” that might cause them to question government propaganda, so it’s all right with you.

Years ago one of the legacy media moved from reporting “facts” to reporting “factoids”. At the time I interpreted it as short facts of interest, little did I know that it was the transformation from using words to mask propaganda.

Well, I guess not everyone can be an Antifa leftist ❄️

Seriously, you are in medicine? The standards have fallen so low.

Leaving the discussion aside for a minute, how come that a single lessons-giving person keeps spamming the rest of us with tens of successive posts, accusing the world of propaganda! Does he have nothing better to do? On which side is the propaganda?

My turn to give a lesson. Check out this word: ultracrepidarianism.

It applies well to this topic. I now stopped the flow of trash emails.

And how many children have contracted myocarditis from the vaccines? Children are 6 times more likely to develop vaccine related myocarditis and other serious complications than suffer serious illness from natural COVID infection.

Are you also renouncing your citizenship because of the dangerous and irresponsible government misinformation? Social isolation, masks, school closures and lockdowns have harmed more children than the virus.

By the way, we NEVER, EVER defeat viruses. They mutate and change their virulence but never completely disappear. So if that is your standard for living a normal life, go back to your parents basement, troll social media, put on your 4 masks and only emerge to get your next booster. The virus will outlast you.

Remember, Norman, those artists chose to leave the platform because Spotify would not force Joe Rogan out.

I don't listen to Spotify much, so I don't know about their explicit

I do know that trying to shut down people's speech is a bad idea. As far as
the kids go, maybe their parents need to keep an eye on what they listen
to. Or discuss what they are hearing like parents are supposed to do.

nuff said,

And that anger is a direct result of the government not being truthful to the citizens. They have overblown the dangers of the disease and manipulated the data, claiming every possible admission as COVID related. Hospital’s complied because they were rewarded with higher reimbursements.
Even Justice Sotomayor claimed, “We have over 100,000 children, which we’ve never had before, in serious condition and many on ventilators.” So highly opinionated, so completely wrong. In fact, a British study concluded that “Childhood mortality in England during the first year of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic was lower than expected, with over 300 fewer deaths than the preceding 12 months” and among the COVID related deaths the children, just like demonstrated in later adult studies, had significant underlying co-morbidities.

Please, doctor, stop spreading your own brand of misinformation

And I’ll stomp my feet and hold my breath until you do 😡😡😡😡😭😭😭😭

I was wondering how long it would take the cancel culture trolls to complain about exactly what we feel about their “cancel anyone who has a different opinion than me posts”. Hilariously and true to form, shinguebai’s response was to cancel me.

You’ve made my point. I’m off the Community.


Keep your clot shot from my children. You do realize that the only ones that ate are dying are the ones with multiple comorbidities. On 4 child have died in my state, check the real numbers.

Transfer playlist from Spotify to Apple Music.

I went to Tidal and they have a great tool for transferring playlists over from Spotify.. actually everything about tidal is better then Spotify, from sound quality to it's format.. 


Shame on Spotify higher ups for even considering putting someone like him on Spotify. I know the mentality of people making decisions like putting Joe Rogan on Spotify as they are chasing a market that will lead to bringing Spotify down to such a low level that will have no decorum. Is this what Spotify wants to be known for, chasing after people who support and think like Joe Rogan? Paying him 100 million dollars and expecting to make well over a 100 million dollars in revenue just because of him. I get it as well as getting the thinking of people with Antisocial Personality Disorder. If Spotify continues to keep Joe Rogan, I will cancel my account and move to another platform that has better decorum and ethics. Maybe time for some house cleaning at the top of Spotify so the company can get back to what it is known for and does best.

This is not a problem with Rogan, it is a problem with the people running Spotify. Spotify, you are judged by the programs YOU exclusively support. My wife and I have used your service for years now, but currently looking for a replacement. Now it feels distasteful to open Spotify considering your companies values.

Your support of this vile man says more about Spotify than I think you care to have people know.  The stink of his racism and pandemic lies are on you now since you paid for his filth to be created.

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