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Ban Joe Rogan now!


Ban Joe Rogan now!

Profiting from the distribution of deadly misinformation is immoral and shameful! I am a paying subscriber and if you don't remove him I will leave.Profiting from the distribution of deadly misinformation is immoral and shameful! Another paying subscriber leaving Spotify for a platform that supports the art of music and not Faux News. Ps. It was easy to find a way to export my playlists.

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Don’t let the door hit you in the rear when you leave for your safe space.

India abruptly cut their Delta variant surge by 97% by deploying a Rapid Response Team to outbreak regions. Their approach included testing and treatment with Doxycycline and, gasp, Invermectin.

The Omicron variant is as weak as the common cold and the NNT (number needed to treat) to show a therapeutic difference requires a large study.

Stop spouting CNN talking points when you cannot interpret the information yourself.

Ooh, you’ll “strongly consider” leaving. I bet that Spotify is shaking in their boots over your ultimatum.

You’ve proven how smart you are by spouting off. I’m sure that you are also still paying off college (and grad school?) loans while asking cutting questions like, “Do you want fries with that?” at your day job, troll.

Did you say the same thing when pharmaceutical companies created the opioid crisis by claiming that OxyContin was non-addictive? Have you investigated how the cost of insulin has forced diabetics to skip treatment? I suspect not!

It’s only entertainment, not life and death, ❄️

Great! Follow your pot-head idol to the next platform and leave the rest of us alone.

The cancel culture fascists will lose their power quickly if everyone stops bowing to them and starts standing up against them.  A new era is coming, people are getting fed up.  If usually polite and acquiescent Canadian truckers can send their leaders scrambling in fear, then we can defeat the tyrants in our culture by tuning them out and challenging them at every turn.  Their power is an illusion; it's only there if we allow it.

It’s easy for Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and CSN to claim the high road because it costs them little. Young has sold his music portfolio and has enough 💵 to live many generations.

Sure, they sang about protesting for free speech, but when they disagree their true freak fascist flag flies.

Better that Spotify (partially) supports Joe Rogan’s 1A rights than bow to indoctrinated single-minded thinking “science truthers” who wouldn’t know real science if it bit them in the **bleep**.

By “vulnerable audience” do you mean those who only accept the single CNN/MSNBC/MSM viewpoint? By all means, protect those ❄️ From hearing any alternative viewpoint that might make them question the “facts”.

A virus is never defeated. If that is your criteria for returning back to a normal life, then quadruple mask, go back to your basement, troll on social media and never ever emerge except for getting you boosters.

Under the “science” of repeated vaccinations and isolationist lockdowns, Biden’s regime has accumulated more death than, dare I say the name, Trump’s. If following the science was effective, there would have been a difference. Remember Biden’s numbers are with the vaccine.

Leave Spotify. I’m not sure anyone will notice.

Actually Neil Young and Joni Mitchell CHOSE to leave Spotify because it would not ban Joe Rogan. I would prefer to have ALL of their viewpoints on Spotify and leave it to the purchaser to determine who to listen to, not the cancel culture.

Real science is a funny thing. As time goes on new information emerges and the old “science” is re-examined and refined.

In the past science told us that hysteria (a term for some type of presumed female mental illness) was due to a wandering uterus. It taught humans evolved from apes.

How many times has the food pyramid been revised? Aspirin to prevent heart attacks and stroke, in one day out the next.

Have an open mind about science. Nothing is as black and white as you profess, there is even some truth in what the anti-vaxxers claim.

You act like free offers from Amazon and Apple Music are a once in a lifetime event. I get them every week.

Losing ANYONE from a platform is sad, but these conglomerates have basically the same music. Except for millionaires Mitchell and CSNY, I don’t see a mass musician exodus from Spotify.

India Arie has so few listeners that I doubt anyone missed her after that publicly stunt.

You do not understand the role of a corporation. It’s responsibility is to its shareholders and investors. It accomplishes that responsibility by offering a wide range of options to attract the largest number of customers. Bowing to a small number of vocal culture cancelists does not fulfill their corporate goal.

In a free culture Spotify would offer a wide range of music and viewpoints and not bow to those who wish to stifle free speech.

Don’t like Rogan, don’t listen to him. I don’t listen to him or to rap or Death Metal, but I’m not clamoring for them to be removed.

Open your mind, you might learn something.

If qualifying as an an imbecile is criteria for removal from Spotify much of the music here would promptly disappear.

Do you share your paycheck with others.

Are you similarly ranting about the profits that Dr. Fauci has made from his pharmaceutical investments in the COVID pandemic?

Maybe you should go to Tidal because Spotify has already started censoring Joe Rogan’s podcasts, but I guess that you don’t consider that REAL censorship because you agree with it.

Serious hen was the last time you listened to Neil Young before he invoked the cancel culture mentality to remove someone he disagree with?

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