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Community Pets!


Community Pets!

Hey Community,

Cute animal thread incoming...


This week in the Community and Star Program in particular, we're celebrating something called Values Week!

In the spirit of one of our Star Program values, 'fun' - it's become somewhat of a tradition for us to share pictures of our cute pets with each other!

This year, we thought why not open up the topic to the wider Community again 🙂 so that we can meet your pets!

Below are my pups, Winnie and Pickles:

Screenshot 2023-04-25 at 09.40.47.png


Screenshot 2023-04-25 at 09.41.19.png


Screenshot 2023-04-25 at 09.41.49.png


Winnie is only 11 weeks old and joined us this week after she sadly couldn't stay with her first family.
Pickles has been with us for almost 8 years now and loves being outside and cuddles! She's featured in many of the pet threads from the past 😄

Let us know about your pet friends below! 
/Happy Values Week

7 Replies

This is Bagpuss, as you can probably tell, he loves the Bath 🙂


He is also 17, so a VERY old man. 





These are my space cats 🚀(+Loki, who already had his intro in another thread). The 5 little tigers are the last ones to join our cat family. They’ve been with us for nearly a year now.


There are 2 girls named Belka & Strelka and the 3 boys are called Gagarin, Sputnik and Cosmos. Some of their favorite things to do includes eating, asking for more food and looking cute and adorable after they’ve been caught misbehaving.

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Here's Coco enjoying a nice walk on the beach last year! Since moving to Prince Edward Island for university, I live around 4 km from this beautiful beach, so I thought it was only fair she got to check it out too! She's a 14-year-old Balinese cat.




Happy Values Week!!

NoahSpotify Star
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i have 6 turtles(but the 6th one died),4 dogs(2 little dogs),1 cat but i can't get a photo because I'm at school but after school i will get the pictures but i can tell you what they are. but i only know some and the 2 turtles are at my half brothers house and the 2 dogs and the cat and i will get the names and update this comment. sorry for the long comment i just wanted to share but i do have a little video of my cat with her little firefighter(yes she does have one) but it's on a USB. 



1. a husky that's very hipper and trying to get her to be a service dog. 

2. an old pitbull mix i think and the served in the Afghanistan war and now retired dog

3. a little dog that's hipper when you say her name

4. a carrier terrier that's at my house and i got when i was 13 years old and im 17 now and he was so hipper and his name is Buddy because when i named him i said "because he's my Buddy"



I have a cat that hates to be held but likes to be held by me,she hates baths(manage to bite my half brothers dad which was a 1 inch bite and some people like my 5 year old brother which made him bleed a little,dogs,belly rubs(but she love them she's lazy. but she loves to lay with me when i watch YouTube 



I have 3 turtles Timmy(big one),Bella(mid size one with is shy),Cutie(tiny one) and they love to lay in the light and swim into the glass,hungry every time,and play around,stack onto each other. i caught them with my hands and i did go swimming after them and they are little and the 3rd one is tiny Timmy is a boy that's the big one and a pig when it comes to food and i play with im when i tap my nose against glass and he does it back and Bella is the mid size one that's shy when she is being held. the other 3 is when i caught them for my brother but one died due to something being on the shell but she was (this is what happens) put in a little boat and sailed away to a better place and the 2 need some vitamin A to get their eyes open because they were hibernating. 


(Commented on April 25, 2023)

Hey everyone! 

This is Isis, she's 9 year old and loves human companionship, wet food and to be cuddled 🙂 







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“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”– Maria von Trapp

Hey folks,


This is Nero 🐶 My American bully. He is 2 years old and he loves car rides, dog parks and people.


Christmas photos  Lyubka_1-1682598665401.png    Lyubka_6-1682598736759.png


Nero on his birffffffday 😍

Lyubka_2-1682598675634.pngHe "loves" being petted on his head 😁Lyubka_3-1682598682768.png

Halloween time🤓 Lyubka_4-1682598702650.png   Summer vibes here Lyubka_7-1682598745402.png


🐾🐾🐾 I love him to the moon and back! 🐾🐾🐾


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awww i love them so cute that im going to explode. 😍💥

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