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Customer support

Loving that their Twitter account is Spotify Cares. But not quite enough to provide human support. Do they think we’re stupid? 


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Potentially, who’s to know 

I mean it’s a social media intern probably running the X account, as opposed to their actual support staff. If you’d like you can present your issue here and we can help or you can scroll down a bit from this page (or any) on the site you’ll see the direct “support” link. Then scroll down again and it’ll say something like “message us directly”. 



Hey guys, im having trouble finding a solution to be able to message moderators or supporters.
I want to change my payment from iDEAL to a Annual or monthly base to my bank
So that i dont have to wait till spotify expired and just always be able to enjoy premium
But its f.. difficult to reach staff here. any ideas?

You have to be logged in. Follow the screenshots in order and it’s very easy to get to someone. The first couple links are found within the footer links.





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