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Luke Combs Presale Concert Tickets


Luke Combs Presale Concert Tickets

Anyone receive the email for the Luke Combs presale that comes open tomorrow (April 3, 2019)

I did not receive and would really like decent seats!


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I didn't receive one either, and would really love one! I was told they send them to people based on their listening habits, but I pretty much listen to him on repeat, so not sure how that works...

I haven't recieved one either yet.. hopefully soon. 

Did you get one yet

Nope 😞 nothing here yet!

I havnt got mine either, I'm hoping someone can share!

I havent recieved mine either. im really hoping that someone got it and will share 


have you recieved your code? im trying to supprise my boyfriend for his birthday


No I have not. Im thinking since I have not recieved one yet, I will not be getting one

I received my email from Spotify including a code at 9 this morning

Lucky you. 

Kthurst1988, any chance you'll share the code?

would you be willing to share this code? Spotify only selects a few ppl to send the code to. would be greatly appreciated.

Hey guys! I may have found the code on a Facebook post. Presale doesn't open for another hour where I am, so I haven't tried it yet. Let me know if this works... 20BEERCAN19.

Mine doesnt release for another hour either

Mine opens In 2 more hours for the Vancouver show

I really hope this works 1 more hr till pre sale. Thank you for the share 😃

Thanks, it worked!

Do you know if we have to wait till pre sale opens to enter the code? I go onto spotify hit the find tickets and the spotify pre sale is not an option to pick?

If anyone can shoot me the spotify pass would be awesome, huge Luke Combs fan and dont want to be shut out of tickets.. Thank you

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